Dough EZ

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What is Dough EZ?

It is a range of versatile baking tools and products that make baking numerous recipes fun, faster and non-messy. Dough EZ promises to revolutionize the way you bake your favourite recipes so they turn out to be far more inviting while eliminating the mess that can be a dampener. Dough EZ could be the best solution you can turn to when you’re hosting a get-together or a party and need loads of goodies to treat for guests.


Dough EZ Features

Make delicious baking recipes yourself – Its promoters claim that anyone, even amateurs, can prepare the perfect dough and bake impeccably crisp and delicious cookies with it. You can be confident of the results as all the components of Dough EZ are easy to use, adaptable and made of non-stick material. Using it supposedly diminishes or even eliminates the need of using too much flour, which makes the entire process mess-free and comfortable.

All about Dough EZ… – The set is made of FDA-approved material and comprises a non-stick pastry mat kit, rolling pin, guide sticks and pie form.

Pastry mat: The non-stick pastry mat helps with preparing raw dough products. It can withstand temperatures ranging between -40 degree F up to 400 degrees F, and is safe for dishwasher, microwave, freezer and oven.

Guide sticks: Six multi-purpose guide sticks of varying thickness- one set of 1/8″ thickness and two sets at 1/4″ thickness are provided. They help roll dough to achieve desired thickness and can also be arranged together to attain various depth in thickness. The 1/4″ guide sticks can be brought together so a 9″x13″x1″ pastry frame is created to get
dough thickness of 1″.

A rolling pin, pie form and an instruction sheet are also provided in the Dough EZ kit.


Preparing goodies now convenient and easy – The promoters of Dough EZ guarantee that the instruction sheet furnishes complete instructions and makes your task easier. Dough EZ offers extra-large area as compared to an average baking sheet. Its non-slip surface also prevents mess and mishaps while baking while its robust fiber mesh silicone construction assures flexibility and durability.


What do I get?

  • 1 Dough EZ Rolling System
  • 1 Dough EZ Pie Form
  • 3 Replacement Guide Sticks
  • 1 Dough EZ Rolling Pin

Price: $97.96 | Official website:

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