Doodle Brite Review

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What is Doodle Brite? – It is a lamp which displays designs anyone can make and put them up on it when switched on.

Fun for everyone

Doodle Brite is ‘the super fun lamp that you design yourself’ and light up with your artistic talent. It is a unique lamp on which you can put up a secret shade canvas you draw designs on with the markers provided, wrap it around the lamp frame and light up. It is presented as the perfect way to Draw, wrap and light.


Doodle Brite promises hours of creative fun to everyone. With this fun lamp, you can express yourself in a variety of ways for which you simply:

1. Draw
2. Wrap and
3. Light.

You are provided shades on which you can make a design, wrap it around the lamp frame and switch the light on. It promises to be great fun for kids as they can first draw and then put it up to see it shining.

Simple, fun and great for all age groups

Doodle Brite seems not only fun but also easy and suited to people of any age. Anyone, irrespective of age, can make a beautiful image on the shade and light it up to have a great time.

Interchangeable shades

Doodle Brite shades are interchangeable, so you can make new images and your lampshade whenever you wish.

Express different moods and thoughts

You can get all creative and draw, write or do both on Doodle Brite shades. You can draw anything you like such as planets, stars, flowers, cartoons, fairies, dragons or whatever you feel like creating, make decorations and put them up instantly to see them shine like a sensation. You can write out your thoughts, an important message or anything and be heard. It seems to be the perfect way for kids to explore their creativity and have fun.


What do I get?

  • 6 Blank Shades
  • 1 Doodle Brite Lamp Frame
  • 1 Doodle Brite Lamp
  • 1 Doodle Brite Idea Design Guide

All this for $19.99 plus $8.99 processing and handling. Official website:

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