Cuddle Trays

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What is Cuddle Trays

– It claims to be an amazing stuff toy pillow that can convert into a tray in just seconds. It states to be very easy and convenient to use and is designed to fit children’s lap easily while they eat or perform different activities on it.

Cuddle Trays Features

The Cutest Tray Ever – Cuddle Trays asserts to provide a fun way to conveniently help kids eat or play without spilling anything with its innovative tray design. This claim of Cuddle Trays will be attested only once users review Cuddle Trays. Cuddle Trays states that no one will know it’s a tray. At first glance Cuddle Trays declares to look like a cute cuddly stuffed animal pillow. A few more reviews of Cuddle Trays might help one believe in this claim. It emphasizes to take only seconds to convert it into a tray from pillow although there are no user reviews of Cuddle Trays to support this statement.


Rich in features – Cuddle Trays promises that unlike with other trays, kids won’t spill or knock over trays creating a mess for parents to clean up later. Cuddle Trays mentions that it can be used for similar purposes but there’s no evidence of its functionality till Cuddle Trays is reviewed. Cuddle Trays claims to provide a versatile solution in its hard surfaced tray that is so secure that it will not slip off the lap due to the cushioned surface underneath.

Does it sound too good to be true? Cuddle Trays reviews will reveal the facts soon. Cuddle Trays declares that it also comes with a cup holder for securely placing kid’s favorite drink but only Cuddle Trays reviews will tell if it can hold all types of drinks. Allegedly there’s no weight to the body of Cuddle Trays, which is why it won’t feel heavy when it is placed on the lap. This claim is far-fetched and can be only confirmed once Cuddle Trays is reviewed.

Cute and Cuddly Friends – Cuddle Trays assures that kids would love the different animals that it comes in – like a loving lion, dreamy unicorn, cute ladybug and adorable puppy. How much kids love these characters is a question that will be answered once users review Cuddle Trays. These four animals of Cuddle Trays characters are assured to be loved by kids while sleeping on as pillows. Cuddle Trays guarantees that the plush outside material is of high-quality and very soft for children to play or lay on. Such durability claims are too fanciful and can be only substantiated once Cuddle Trays is reviewed.


Easy to Use – Cuddle Trays promises to be very easy to use and to change it from pillow to tray one has to open it up from the center. Once Cuddle Trays is opened properly the animal’s head is to be pulled to hold it securely and make it stable. But is this easy for children to use? Do send us your Cuddle Trays reviews. Cuddle Trays proclaims that it is definitely a space saver as it can function as a stuffed toy, a pillow and more importantly a tray. This tray can be used to feed kids without the worry of them spilling the tray and also can be used for activities like painting, playing cards, forming Lego blocks and much more.

What do I get?

Get Cuddle Tray and Wow Cup for $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling. Official website:

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