Critter Cuffs

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What are Critter Cuffs?

They are tiny soft toys that are worn on wrists by children.

Cuties on your wrist!

Critter Cuffs are unique soft toys that promise to bring kids loads of fun and excitement every moment. They are innovative and really adorable as they are designed to be worn just like a wrist watch or a band on wrists. All the little ones have to do is slip it on the wrist where they stay all day and give great company every moment. According to the makers of Critter Cuffs what adds to the fun is its design that allows you to easily change the little toys on the wrist. That means kids can have new toys to play with whenever they want as they take a liking to the toys instantly.

Always with you

Since Critter Cuffs are worn on wrists, they don’t have to be kept apart as such. There’s no chance of them getting lost unlike regular toys that are often left behind. Critter Cuffs tag along with kids wherever they go as they stay fixed on the Cuffeez and go with you everywhere, be it at home, in the park, in the school or just about anywhere.


Easy and fun to change

Critter Cuffs consist of a band kids can wear by just slipping it on the wrist and then fixing any of the soft toys upon it. They can also be unfastened and replaced with another one as easily. Since enjoy the entire process of changing the Critter Cuffs characters themselves. They feel that they are getting an important responsibility of doing something independently and also sharing them with friends.

They comfort in the dark too

The Critter Cuffs band can also be turned into a sleeping bag of the soft toys by turning it over which reveals embroidered moon and stars on it. It guarantees a gentle and comforting reassurance to kids that everything is alright and they can sleep in peace cuddling them warmly at night.

Four wonderful toy friends

The Critter Cuffs toys are available as a range of four adorable characters viz. Paco the Penguin, Moka the Meerkat, Kiah the Koala and Flame the Dragon, each with different colored Cuffees. Kids can select the one they like own and spend lots of time with.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Two Critter Cuff in their choice of character (Paco, Moka, Flame or Kiah) for just $14.95 + $15.9 P&H.
  • Official website:
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