Criss Angel Float It Card Review

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The world of magic has always been an attraction for most of us. In fact even today it tends to bring out the kids in grownups, who want to learn new tricks to impress their guests and friends at a party. Everyone wants to learn the tricks that famous magicians like Criss Angel perform. And now, this No.1 magician in the world brings to you Float It, LED anti gravity card, which will not only be your way to display your skills but it will also turn out to be the source for many fun filled evenings with friends and family as well.


Criss Angel Float It Card
If you wanted to learn a trick that will have onlookers spellbound then you have found one with Float It. This card will magically fly under your hand while you are in complete control. You can pull out this card, literally out of your sleeve, at a gathering with your friends and family and become the centre of all the attention instantly. The card will perform all the tricks for you; from spinning to levitating, hovering and illuminating too. And all these tricks will be done under your spell, winning you brownie points.

Float It is very easy to learn and practically anyone in the house can get a hang of using it within no time. You can use this card indoors, outdoors or just about anywhere you are and guarantee utmost fun. And with a bit of practise you will be able to create your own moves, which will impress one and all. You can have play fights with your friends and their cards too and have a nice time. In many ways it’s the magic yoyo for the 21st century and it’s just what you need for recreation and boosting your creativity. That’s because Float It is known to improve your coordination skills, thinking, dexterity and social skills too. What more could you ask for?What you should know before buying “As Seen On T V” products
One has to be very careful about buying products like Float It Card that try to bank on the name of a celebrity or a renowned professional for that matter. That in itself is a big selling point for many and the TV infomercials try to drum it, making sure you pick up the phone and order the product. But rarely do these products work as they are supposed to and end up being a huge disappointment.

Your problems get compounded when you buy products like Float It Card on these sites because you actually might have signed up for some promotional offer that you were tricked into. And the worst part is you are not even able to see the final order before the purchase is made. When you realize the mistake it’s too late because the customer service departments of these companies are absolutely hopeless and you will rarely get any service from them whatsoever.

In case you are looking to buy products like Float It Card, you can make the smart choice by waiting for them to be available at stores like Target and Wal-Mart near you. In all likelihood you will find them a lot cheaper in these stores and you can see them first hand before buying, which will save you hassle. Want to add an extra dollop of fun to your next house party or want to find an entertaining avenue that your kids can enjoy? Then why not delve into the magical world of master magician Criss Angel by getting his Float It Card home. This anti gravity LED cards will be your way of showing off your skills and having fun at a party as well.

Unlike other magic tricks that can be tough to perform, Float It Card is very easy to follow as the card will literally float under your hand. You remain in complete control of things as you leave onlookers spellbound. The card will spin, levitate, hover and illuminate getting you all the appreciation for the tricks you can perform.

Float It Card can be used indoors and outdoors and by practically anyone in the house. Within a short time you will get a hang of this card and manoeuvre your own moves to get applause and boost your own coordination, dexterity and social skills.



What do I get?
You can buy Criss Angel Float It kit, instructional DVD and battery for $14.95 plus S&H of $6.95 at You also get a Float Borrowed Objects Kit with your offer.



Criss Angel Float It Card Video


26 thoughts on “Criss Angel Float It Card Review

  1. I see latest comments were in 2013; Did anyone get the toy cards ? or their money back ?

    A successful rich magician robbing children seems un-real , more crazy than people believing they could order a levitating card .

    If you could levitate a card somehow ,why not apply the same method to a car and become a billionaire the next day .

    Maybe – (like every other great invention) , these anti-gravity toys were confiscated and its inventor and/or sellers silenced by the people afraid of growth ,change ,& possible loss of power.

    Maybe the government took the toys and shut down production.

    Tesla solved all of mankind’s problems but was not allowed to give the answers to the general public.

  2. I bought 10 cards for Christmas about a month ago but haven’t received a thing the sire disappeared, no replies, no one picks up the phone. I got robbed by Chris Angel for 900 dollars now I filed a case to sue him for 10000 for false advertisement. Will hear from my lawyer in 2 to 3 days 🙂

    • WOW, what a disappointment!! I thought about ordering one for my grandson , glad I did a little research on Criss Angel Float It Card!! With all the money Criss Angel has made doing his “magic” he should be ashamed of himself!! Absolutely disgusted!!! Hope you get your money back from him!!

  3. Yes i ordered the float it card for my son who was so excited. First it said its coming then i had to call to find out it was back-ordered then 3 months later and a lot of mom is it here yet, they just canceled it no explanation at all. I called and they said oh ya sorry the company is no longer sending them out. They then gave me the email address for what they claim to be the company that just stopped sending them. The email was So now i have a crushed kid who patiently waited who is extremely disappointed. It may not seem like a big deal but it is. You cant say you have something leave people hanging then say sorry its gone. False false false advertising and fraud. Lets just say a kid who loved Chris Angel is second guessing Chris Angels character at age 11. If you attach your name to something you best make sure to follow up on whatever it is because they can tarnish your name and you wouldn’t even know it. These kids these fans that’s who makes your life performing worth it and all it is. Don’t lose site of the value of your name. If you attach it to something you better make sure you can back it up. YOU Chris angel should really take time out of your to busy schedule and do something about how these people are conducting business in your name. Like I said its your name.

  4. Just got an email today saying my order for the criss angel float it kit has been cancelled after months of waiting. Anyone else get cancelled? I posted comments on his Facebook page, under his pics, mentioning float it…nothing bad…’just work some magic and send it’ type things…I’m sure it’s not related. Too bad, now he’s got a bunch of disappointed young fans and parents. It was probably a stupid toy anyway.

  5. Way to go Chris! Get the kids all excited and end up letting them down. What a total disappointment and major let down. You Suck!!

  6. We ordered ours on July 27 and nothing!!! My 11 year old son spent his birthday money on this and is extremely disappointed that it has not arrived. There is no customer service number or email address. Pitiful business practice. They should be ashamed!

  7. I purchased 2 cards one for each of my boys and its been forever over a month and I haven’t heard a response from anyone after they advised me that my order was on back order. I cant even go on the same website where I purchased the items. It is very disappointing!! I will never order anything again from CRISS ANGEL’S WEBSITE!!

  8. What a disappointment!! Ordered card 6 weeks ago and still waiting, no response, no nothing! Creates a BAD image for Criss Angle who our family has been great fans of for years!! Doesn’t matter who it is if they are going to RIP YOU OFF!! Not right!!

    Not much of a Fan anymore!!

  9. If it weren’t bad enough that you show kids a commerical of floating card they are supposed to belive in, when we buy it for them we are not told about the four to six weeks back order. CROOKS!

  10. I am just saying that I am getting mad because I’ve been waiting for so long but I am your best fan.

  11. The dark shirt in the video dont help on the trick. The trick is not on the card, it is on the hair like tiny string. The damn thing is so thin that it can only be seen when it is not moving. As long as you keep your fingers and your hands moving constantly you will be fine, stop for a second and you blew your cover. The card is just a normal card. Don’t use a dark shirt while performing the trick.

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