Crazy Clingz

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What is Crazy Clingz

Cute plush design kits that can decorate a kid’s, boys and girls, bedroom by just peeling off and sticking them on walls, furniture and even the ceiling with six different characters and themes.


Endless possibilities to decorate your kid’s room

Crazy Clingz guarantees to transform your kid’s boring room into a decorated and cute place within minutes. These design kits claim to stick to any wall easily and stay on to make the room look like dream world. Crazy Clingz states that it has numerous themes and cute, furry animals available in two different poses to choose from – Comfy Panda, Rainbow Unicorn, Zippity Zebra, Ms. Ladybug, Snuggly Puppy, and Squeaky Dolphin. The decoration possibilities are endless since each kit alleges to have 11 or 12 pieces with themes varying from polka dots, space, garden, sports to fairytale. All the characters and themes can be used separately or mixed and matched to make decorating the room an adventure for the family.


Easy to set up

Crazy Clingz declares that it does not require any hardware tools, nails or glue to set up and all you are required to do is peel off the adhesive backing and stick it on any dry and flat surface, whether it is a wall, door, window, wardrobe or even the ceiling. Crazy Clingz alleges to have self-adhesive backing that makes it movable and reusable so you can take it off one wall and stick it on to a different place or create different patterns of design whenever you wish. It also maintains that the adhesive does not damage the wall of window pane and does not leave residue behind.


Perfect gifting ideas

Like Pillow Pets, the makers of Crazy Clingz, proclaim the design kits can be used to decorate a girl’s or boy’s rooms with the six different designs available. It also promises to make for a great gifting idea whether for baby showers, birthdays or party favors. Crazy Clingz guarantees to let you decorate the room from floor to floor and wall to wall right up to the ceiling and make it a great hangout place for sleepovers and pajama parties. Crazy Clingz claims to let your kid decorate their bedroom the way they want.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive your choice of one Crazy Clingz character for $29.95! plus $6.95 P&H.
  • You also get your choice of design kit
  • Official website:
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