Crazy Chillers

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About Crazy Chillers

Crazy Chillers are fun and magical gloves that claim to change colors on their fun design in the cold. Whether snowball fights, making a snowman, skiing, hanging on to the tube or sleigh or any other fun in the snow, Crazy Chillers asserts to change colors when snow hits it. Crazy Chillers assures to be waterproof and keep hands dry and warm at all times and also durable so they last season after season.


How does Crazy Chillers work?

You need to just wear Crazy Chillers like regular gloves and go out in the snow and see them magically change colors. The secret of Crazy Chillers is stated to be in Spectrum Rearranging, which reveals hidden colors, or Thermochromic Ink Technology, every time cold air hits the gloves. Crazy Chillers proclaims to have adjustable wrist straps and comfy fleece to give you comfort during chills. Tight grip palms of Crazy Chillers assure you can hold on to things and the water resistant feature asserts to keep hands warm and dry.


Changing colors during snow time fun – Snow might be pure white but snow time can bring colorful fun and magic while playing out in the cold. Crazy Chillers are magical and fun hand gloves that proclaim to change color on their design in the cold. When kids and youngsters go out in snow for snowball fight, building a snowman, skiing or going down on a sleigh, Crazy Chillers promise to change colors when the cold air hits the gloves. The gloves emphasize to work on Spectrum Rearranging that reveals hidden colors in the design whenever cold air hits the gloves.


Warm, adjustable, and durable – It’s not just endless fun that kids can have when they wear Crazy Chillers. The magical gloves declare to have adjustable wrist straps to fit snugly into anyone’s hands. Crazy Chillers also proclaims to have grip tight palms so that you can hold on to the sleigh tube or ski poles securely while gliding down. Crazy Chillers are alleged to be water resistant so that your hands will stay dry inside the gloves always. Crazy Chillers guarantee to be made of comfortable and warm fleece on the inside so that your hands will be warm no matter how cold it is. Crazy Chillers are convinced to be constructed with durable material that make them last really long and the gloves are claimed to be machine washable so that you can use them over and over again. In spite of their machine washable feature, the colors are declared to not run.


Different fun designs and colors – Crazy Chillers convinces to have many different designs to delight kids whether girls or boys. They can allegedly choose from Coldbot, Frost Unicorn, Space Ace, Ice Princess, Ski Team, and Snow Butterfly and there are beautiful colors such as pink, blue, orange, and green. The designs of Crazy Chillers maintain to be made with Thermochromic Ink Technology that will stay intact for years and years no matter how regularly you wear them.

What do I get?

Crazy Chillers for just $19.99 plus $6.99 processing and handling. | Official website:

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