Cool Caps

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About Cool Caps

A unique combination of spill-free caps that fit any bottle and two refreshing juice flavors that come with it.

Enjoy refreshing drinks the easy way

Cool Caps are specially designed caps for bottles that bear an innovative look and promise to convert virtually any bottle into a spring of healthy fruit juices. They are specially designed caps that its makers term universal since it can fit any bottle and allow you to sip two healthy and delicious juices provided with it. Instead of settling for the so-called healthy and sugar-free juices that are consumed through ordinary bottles, you ought to try something new like Cool Caps. They promise to transform the way you energize yourself by drinking juices at any time while engaged in a vigorous and demanding activities like cycling, exercising, gymming or running. The best part of using these caps is that they are 100% spill free so you don’t drip the juice on yourself nor waste it while drinking, which tends to happen when you drink off ordinary bottles or glasses.


Two healthy and great flavors

According to the creators of Cool Caps, you can look forward to enjoying two distinctive juices, Grape Blast and Fruit Fusion with them as you get them along with the caps. They maintain that both the flavors are not only delicious but also healthy as they contain no sugar, caffeine or high fructose corn syrup which are known to accelerate weight gain and minimal nutrition. That means with Cool caps you can enjoy two great flavors of fruit juices without any guilt and keep unwanted calories at bay. They seem perfect for people who have an active lifestyle and are always on the go as it offers all the convenience they seek.

Easy and convenient to use

If you’re thinking that Cool Caps involve elaborate maneuvering to fix them on a bottle, you may rest easy. Its makers guarantee that attaching these caps to any bottle it is really easy, quick and convenient as they boast of a universal design and flexibility. You are instructed to follow just two simple steps to fix it on any bottle to enjoy the benefits and great flavors in an instant. You need to first cap it on the bottle and then pump it a few times so that the juice surges out of it smoothly without any spill.


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