Color Creation Light Bulb

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What is Color Creation Light Bulb – These are artfully painted light bulbs that can transform your kids’ bedroom wall into a piece of art by just replacing the regular light bulb.

Decorate your kid’s bedroom wall

Color Creation Light promises to let you redecorate your kid’s bedroom and put designs they would love without having to repaint the walls or put up wallpaper – methods that are tiring, messy, time consuming and expensive. Color Creation Light believably eliminates all these problems and still gives your kid a pretty room in an instant because all you apparently need to do is screw Color Creation Light into any regular fixture that holds a standard light bulb. Color Creation Light is meant to work inside a lampshade that you just need to place against a wall or even use the light bulb independently.

Transform the bedroom with just a flip of a button

All you would need to do to turn the bedroom wall into a colorful canvass is flip on the switch for the 25 watt Color Creation Light bulb to light up the room into beautiful designs like clouds, stars or lovely hearts so your kid can have a new design often and you can do it easily and without the mess. Similarly, Color Creation Light is meant to make it that easy for you to take off the design; just change into another bulb and the art will disappear too without you having to worry about the unsightly adhesive stuck on your wall. And no worries like the paint chipping or fading or the wallpaper tearing.

Safe, easy and extremely durable

Color Creation Light is meant to be absolutely safe and durable. The paint on the bulb is special heat resistant so it doesn’t melt or burn no matter how long the bulb has been switched on. It is just hand painted across the bulb in different beautiful designs. The Color Creation Light bulbs are supposed to be extremely long-lasting and are claimed to function for over 25,000 hours. Anyone who can change a light bulb now believably has the power to redecorate the entire room.


What do I get? 4 Color Creation Light Bulbs in one design for just $10.00 plus $15.90 P&H. Official website

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