Color Bloomz Mega Pack Review

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Fill those lazy, idle moments with lots of fun for you little ones! After all, children just can’t sit in one place for long and constantly look out for new activities brimming over with creativity and excitement. So delight them with Color Bloomz Mega Pack that will get them to explore their creative abilities and sure to become a favorite of theirs and! It’s an innovative product that allows children to draw a scene, which magically blooms to lifelike scenery with easy, simple steps included in the package!


Color Bloomz Mega Pack
The Color Bloomz package comes with a host of special stationery products with which children draw anything from animal figures, trees, under sea scenery, jungle or just about anything, use the Magic Bloomz solution and the display case after which all of it changes and appears fantastically lifelike, albeit on a miniature scale!

All one needs to do is draw images with any of the four Color Bloomz Markers, 34 Printed Graphic Color Bloomz pieces or 18 White Blooming Color Bloomz shapes among other things, keep it in the big transparent display case, and pour Color Bloomz Liquid Packs in it just like one water plants. After a few minutes, all the images magically transform into 3D-like images which appear strikingly real!

Color Bloomz offers vast possibilities for children to use their imagination play with art and create mind-blowing figures and sceneries that bloom in the real sense of the word! They can go beyond the normal and even create unheard of sceneries that could very well be called modern art, thanks to the bonus customization kit helpfully included in the kit! The mega pack also includes a tower and an instruction sheet which can be used in some revolutionary way! In all, the kit has scores of pieces that are adequate to keep enthusiastic children occupied!

Place your order for this most fabulous product for just $19.99 plus $9.99 postage and handling. In addition to that, if you place your order today, you’ll also get the bonus Customization Kit comprising one small display case, six cut-and-creates and six Color Bloomz liquid packs absolutely free of cost! You even get the 30-day money back guarantee with it, not to mention endless adventures and fun that come along with it!



What do I get?

  • 1 Large Display Case
  • 4 Color Bloomz Markers
  • 34 Printed Graphic Color Bloomz pieces
  • 18 White Blooming Color Bloomz shapes
  • 12 Color Bloomz Liquid Packs
  • 1 tower
  • Instruction Sheet
  • 1 Small Display Case
  • 6 Cut-and-Creates
  • 6 Color Bloomz Liquid Packs

All this for just $19.99 + $9.99. Official website

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3 thoughts on “Color Bloomz Mega Pack Review

  1. The markers in my Color Bloomz Mega Pack kit do not work, totally dried out, any way to refresh them? Not much point in having it if the markers don’t work. Help please and thanks.

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