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You want to offer your kids nothing but the best and it’s the same sentiment when you are looking for toys that your kids will love. Of course you know there are many toys in the market that are criminally expensive and your kids tend to get bored of them within no time. But now you can give your kids something that will be fun to make and greater fun to play with in the form of Codee, which is a smart way of keeping your kids engaged and entertained for a long time to come


Now you can bid goodbye to those expensive toys and say hello to the world of Codee, which is not only suited for your pockets but it will hold a huge charm for your kids. You want your kids to play with items that will boost their creativity and fuel their imagination; there are no two ways about it. And that’s what this product helps them do and create a whole new magical world that they will get engrossed in. But at the same time it’s not difficult to use the strands that are like the building blocks for exciting things your children can create.

Your kids will find it interesting to follow the coded combination that they will have to decipher through symbols, letters and numbers. But it’s not too complicated for their minds either. And all they need to do to create objects of their choice is simply twist and click. For friendly humans to adorable swans, animals and forest life, there is no earth of fun things your kids can make with Codee.

One strand of this product will be sufficient to make dozens of creatures and items but kids can also rely on more than one strand to make enormous creatures that they can show off to their friends. Now they can have fun parties with friends by bringing their creations to life and having a wonderful time, each time.



What do I get?
You can get the Codee set that includes codes, accessories and strands for $19.99 plus shipping and handling charge at And your order will be tripled making it an absolutely irresistible deal for you



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6 thoughts on “Codee Review

  1. Very expensive and no variety. The pack of 3 figures is $20 each plus $10 shipping (rounded, plus tax if your state charges sales tax…mine does). So these things aren’t cheap. I purchased a single pack of Codees but there are only 3 figures in it, the swans, turtle and gorilla. I then bought a double pack of Codees (totaling $58 with S&H + tax), hoping they would send some of the other figures to build, but I got 2 more of the same. Due to a billing glitch, I ended up with a second double pack, assuming I would get a variety of Codee sets….nope. I am now the “proud” (stupid) owner of 5 of the same set. Very frustrating. I don’t know how the other people out there with the scorpion (very desirable) and other figures are getting theirs, but they are selling them at $40 each or more.

  2. It is sometimes so frustrating when you do not get honest reviews of products you are looking to purchase. After quite a lot of different products that are launched, Codee looked like a good product to purchase for my kids. But since all the advertisements are always promising I decided to look for reviews by people who might have really had experiences with it. “Codee Reviews” in an online search returned me a list of websites and I visited most of the top listed sites for reviews. After reading some glaring reviews about the product I realized these sites had links and pop ups that redirected me to the sales website. It was disturbing since these sites might not really be true at all and some kind of a scam. Thankfully I was alert while looking through and finally found this website which has totally honest reviews. Appreciate the efforts.

    • It is nice to know that the reviews on this website are helpful. The sites which are mentioned having pop ups and buttons redirecting to the sales websites are actually fake review sites setup to fool people into believing that certain product is very good with an option to purchase it right away. In this way many resellers get hefty commissions and sadly nothing can be done to stop them since search engines are incapable to tell a fake site from a real one.

  3. My daughter was interested in this, but after visiting the website I noticed that the cost includes an unspecified “shipping and handling” charge. As with many other “as seen on TV” products, I suspect that this is a trap meant to part you with more of your hard earned dollars (BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE). Reinforcing this notion is a 30-day money back guarantee on the purchase price only, not the S+H. If you are a Codee rep and are reading this, $20 for this toy is on the expensive side to begin with. If you wish Codee to look less scheme-y, put the S+H charge in plain view so I can decide if it’s worth it.

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