Chatty Patty

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All doting parents want the best for their kids and when they are a certain age, it is all about keeping them engaged and entertained. But you know that can be easier said than done because kids get over their toys so easily. You spend huge amounts on these toys but kids tend to get bored of them before you know it. You want to find something that will keep them hooked and be a source of entertainment for hours together. In that case Chatty Patty, the toy parrot that talks back can just be the right choice for you.

How does Chatty Patty Work

It’s almost like having a real pet bird in the house for your kids without all the hassle of course. Not only will this toy parrot go down well with the kids but it is guaranteed to bring kids out of grownups as well. The biggest talking point of this toy parrot is that she can repeat just about anything you say in her own way. And this mimicking action is certainly going to be a riot in your household. A new sound sensing microchip is at the heart of this toy parrot and it can record everything you say and repeat it back instantly without the need for pressing any buttons etc.

Realistic movements are another highlight of this toy parrot and she moves her beak while she speaks and sings. It will be a source of laughter filled moments for you and your loved ones all day long. She can also flap her wings and rock back and forth, giving it further realistic dimension. And if there are any jokes cracked, she will laugh at them making you feel like you have a bigger audience than you already do. She can also talk on her own, which will leave everyone, including your guests impressed.

But that’s not all; Chatty Patty can turn off for the night when you think the time is right for the lights to go off. This smart, cool and entertaining parrot is the perfect gift you can give to your young ones.



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7 thoughts on “Chatty Patty

  1. My grandson loves Chatty Patty!!! She didn’t move at first and then my son pushed her feet in and perched her and she started dancing around, moving her head and beak. She is so cute. Thank you!!!

  2. I managed to get one that talks and laughs and repeats etc… but it doesn’t move at all. I have another one on order for my sister so I’m hoping that one works!! I thought about ordering myself another one but after reading reviews on a few different web sites I don’t think I’m going to bother wasting the money again!!!

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