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What is Chatter Pals

It is a cute and cuddly soft toy available in many different characters that repeats everything in a fun voice and even has a movable jaw to make it seem like it’s talking.

Best Pal to Talk:

Chatter Pals promises to be the most innovative way where old-school cute stuffed toys meet latest technology making them literally talk to kids. The problem with today’s children is they get bored very easily and toys that were fun for the yesteryears are no longer fun for them. But no one can deny the fascination of owning a cute character which is lovable, huggable and even interactive. Keeping this in mind it is alleged that Chatter Pals was invented to provide unlimited fun to kids. The concept behind the adorable Chatter Pals is stated to become kid’s best friend to talk to and listen it repeat after in a funny voice that will bring a cheer to anyone around it.


Adorable Design:

It is been declared that Chatter Pals is not just some simple soft toy but instead equipped with the ability to repeat exactly the things said in front of it. The quality of speakers used and the recording material is of high quality making it last for a lifetime. The body of Chatter Pals is made from extra-soft material inspite of having a recording unit inside it. This softness makes it huggable whenever kids want to play and even be a bedtime buddy. The stitching is intricate and doesn’t wear off at all. Chatter Pals promises that its cute features will capture the fascination of every child. There are many characters available in Chatter Pals collection. Children can decide to converse with a pretty Unicorn, a mighty dragon, a naughty looking Monster, a sweet little Lamb, a cute Kitty Kat and an endearing Puppy.

Suits every kiddie occasion:

Chatter Pals has fun features that convince to make it the best gift ever for kids. Kids would love to turn a regular dry conversation into fun ones with Chatter Pals laughing and giggling along with them. It will be in the spotlightin every party, is a delight to sleep with and can even make itself the star of a slumber party.


What Do I Get?

  • Buy one Chatter Pals for $19.99 plus $6.95 P&H.
  • Choose from the Unicorn, Dragon, Monster, Lamb, Puppy or Kitty Kat.
  • Official website:
  • 3 thoughts on “ChatterPals

    1. They cancelled my Puppy Chatterpal order and told me they could not take any new orders even for different styles when I called them at 866-595-7517. The link they sent with my cancellation still takes me to an order process! Whats up?

    2. I placed a order for chatter pal and have not received them please give information on where and when they are going to be arriving

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