Bunch O Balloons Review

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What is Bunch O Balloons–

As per the TV infomercial it is a revolutionary way of making water balloons quickly and easily. These self-sealing balloons take just a few seconds to fill automatically and are ready in a bunch of 35 balloons in one go.


Fight with balloons

Bunch O Balloons alleges to be an amazing way to prep up many water balloons in one go for an amazing fun time anywhere. Can Bunch O Balloons really do so will be only known once users review it. Bunch O Balloons claims to be the answer to the tedious process of filling single water balloons and tying them up individually. The whole process is so painstaking that it can take the actual fun out of water balloon fights. Bunch O Balloons assures that it in fact will facilitate anyone with the power to fill a total of 35 balloons in one go without taking any time. Now this claim by Bunch O Balloons does sound very promising; Bunch O Balloons reviews will expose the truth.

Fill in three easy steps

Bunch O Balloons proclaims that its revolutionary design makes it the next gen way of filling water balloons in one go. Also, Bunch O Balloons promises to do so in only seconds with its three step approach which on paper is quite fanciful but will be verified only once it is reviewed. Bunch O Balloons requires water and so it should be connected to a water source to begin with. The water filling in Bunch O Balloons should be done over a bucket where the balloons will start to drop and fill the bucket up. Bunch O Balloons asserts that the best part of its design is not the filling but the sealing because it uses an O-ring technology that connects the balloons to one end of Bunch O Balloons. These O-rings then automatically snap on the balloon to seal it so there is no tying involved at all. These easy steps mentioned by Bunch O Balloons do sound promising but we will need to analyze user reviews to be sure of its claims.

Exceptional features

Bunch O Balloons emphasizes to be very easy to fill and at the same time very handy to carry. It comes in a pre-tied compact form that can fit in a pocket before filling. Such claims by Bunch O Balloons will be attested once users review it. Bunch O Balloons convinces to provide great fun anywhere as it can be easily attached to any standard water source available to make any day a fun day. Bunch O Balloons assures that they are completely biodegradable and recyclable. All such fascinating claims by Bunch O Balloons will be substantiated only when users have reviewed it.

What do I get?

You get 3 Bunch o Balloons for just $12.99 plus $5.99 processing and handling.Official website buybunchoballoons.com

2 thoughts on “Bunch O Balloons Review

  1. This is a very expensive way to go. average 10$ per 100 Ballons? This is a one time use only. Am I missing something.

  2. My grandkids saw the commercials for Bunch, and begged me to get them. I almost did, but saw them at Walmart for $7.99 a package, as opposed to $12.99 plus shipping! I bought 3 packages, and the kids loved them! They worked very well, and the balloons were biodegradable, but the nozzle cannot be reused with new balloons because they come with tiny rubber bands. I suggest you look for them in stores.

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