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About Buddy Balls

Buddy Balls claims to be a two-in-one toy with a ball and a teddy that is perfect to toss around, hang around and hug! It is perfect for play time, sleep time and anytime! Your child is sure to enjoy playing with the ball and cuddling with his buddy when he sleeps at night!


Buddy Balls CLAIMS

Buddy Balls promises to easily unzip to magically transform from a buddy to a ball in a jiffy!We have to wait for Buddy Balls reviews to make up our mind.

It alleges to be made from velvety fabric making them soft to play with and cuddle. Is it really fun? Why don’t you let us know in your Buddy Balls review?

It also claims to have a secret hiding place for you to store and hide things!Buddy Balls reviews will have to confirm that for us.

Buddy Balls states that it comes in 7 fun styles for you to choose from: Puppy, Unicorn, Kitten, Lily Cream Bear, Sam Chocolate Bear, Max Honey Bear and Dino.

Buddy Balls Promises to be a fun toy for your child to throw around and play with and the perfect toy to snuggle with and sleep at night! Buddy Balls promises to be attractive but its claim can only be attested once users review Buddy Balls. Order your Buddy Ball today!

Buddy Balls Review

Bert Ortega, a customer who bought Buddy Balls for his grandson who’s two and very playful, says in his review that the child loves playing with it like a ball, but that is the only thing that interests him. He doesn’t open up Buddy Balls to play with the bear, and when someone pulls it out for him, he finds it difficult to fit the bear inside and zip it up. He’d like to advise its makers to make the design more simple and look more appealing for kids to play with.

Clara Richardson, however, has given a positive review of Buddy Balls, which she recently bought for her son. She says that Buddy Balls is a well-designed 3-in-1 bear plush which her child just loves, especially the way the bear can be taken out, put back inside and turned into a ball to play with. She’s happy as he finds Buddy Balls very adorable and since it is very soft, and she doesn’t feel compelled to leave her chores and watch over watch over him as it’s very gentle and safe.

Quite a few other customers who bought Buddy Balls have also appreciated it as a toy that’s perfect for little kids. They say they like Buddy Balls a lot as it is very soft and cuddly, and keeps their children occupied as they can not only play with the bear but also turn it into a ball. They say they think purchasing Buddy Balls has been a good decision and the kids really like it a lot.

Another buyer, Amy Boone has written in her Buddy Balls review that though it is very soft and cute to look at, she’s not been very happy with it. When her daughter tried opening its zipper, it got stuck in its fur. She had a tough time getting it undone. She says that since Buddy Balls is made for kids, it should be designed with more care so that such problems are avoided. She also faces some difficulty in rolling the bear as a ball by inserting it in its cover.


What do I get?
Buddy Balls just for only $19.99 + $7.99 P&H | Official Website: BuyBuddyBalls.com

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