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Anyone who has kids that are growing up and learning daily chores knows the pain of making them brush their teeth. Kids do not really consider brushing their teeth a really important task but this is claimed to be eased by Brush Pets. It’s the tendency of kids to overlook brushing their teeth and without you supervising their every move they might not just be brushing right. To guide them and ensure that the brushing is going perfectly well to support stronger and safer teeth, makers of Pillow Pets came up with the unique idea of Brush Pets that is said to help make brushing fun.

How does Brush Pets Work

Kids do not necessarily listen to parents or guardians when it comes to proper brushing for 2 whole minutes as suggested by Dentists worldwide but they do listen to their favorite cartoon character which is exactly the idea behind Brush Pets . The unique designs that Brush Pets comes in makes it have a stronger claim that any kid who uses it will brush for the whole 2 minutes and that too in the perfect way there can be. The Brush Pets design apparently comes in different cute and cuddly designs with an audio that sounds like the character on it.

Brush Pets comes in 6 variant animal designs – A Lady Bug who smiles so cutely, a naughty happy Monkey, a cuddly Panda, a friendly Puppy, a magical Unicorn and a perky Zebra. Every designer character in Brush Pets series is equipped with the ability to talk children into different steps of brushing their teeth with occasional motivational talks that would steer every child to wait for their turn to brush. The whole brushing directions that are loaded in Brush Pets lasts for 2 minutes making it easier for kids to follow healthy brushing cycle.




What do I get?

  • Get two Brush Pets at $14.95 Plus P&H
  • Select from
  • Lady Bug
  • Monkey
  • Panda
  • Puupy
  • Unicorn
  • Zebra




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