Brite Ball

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What is Brite Ball

A wiggly, jiggly, bumbling and stumbling ball that plays colorful lights and music and is the perfect toy for your kids and pets alike. Other than being fun to play with it’s also great for sensory development

The perfect toy for your kids and pets

Brite Ball promises to bring fun and frolic in the lives of your kids and pets especially if they are bored of playing with everyday toys. Regular toys can be very boring because they are not always attractive. In such a case, kids and pets tend to play with other things that they are not meant to, for instance, your smartphone or tablet. But playing with electronics can be an expensive affair for you if they download games and kids often tend to drop the gadgets accidentally too. So now Brite Ball claims that it can do away with all such scenarios and keep your kids and pets happy with its colorful, bright and musical feature.


Bright and musical ball for hours of play

Unlike plain toys, Brite Ball declares that it is a stumbling, fumbling, wiggling and jiggling ball that shines bright and plays music to keep your kids and pets entertained for hours and hours together. Because it is so delightful, Brite Ball states that kids and pets can even play with it by themselves without asking for your attention all the time. Your kids and pet can have fun playing with it indoors as well as outdoors and even easily carry it on travels or to their friends’ place. Apart from being great for playtime, Brite Ball declares that its use goes much beyond just fun. Because of its music and lights feature, it is said to help in aiding your kid’s sensory development.

Durable, safe and sensible

The makers of Brite Ball assert that while regular toys don’t last too long and break because your kids and pets are too carefree while playing, the light and music ball is made of durable material so it lasts for a really long time. Brite Ball further maintains that since it is sturdy it is safe for kids of all ages and there is a screwdriver available with it adding to safe replacement of batteries.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Brite Ball for $19.95+$9.95 P&H.
  • Official website:
  • One thought on “Brite Ball

    1. My Brite Ball did not work because it was made without electrical contacts. I was told multiple time that they would send a replacement part, but never did. Now it is for sale on Craigslist for $1.

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