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What is Brightlings –

As per the TV infomercial it is a children’s toy with interactive ability of playing songs, repeating recording dialogues and says over 100 things.



Child’s best friend

Brightlings alleges to be a unique play toy with an adorable personality and a superb design that interacts with children. It can play songs in 6 different styles and repeats recorded dialogues. Such a fancy toy can really be a great addition to a child’s life; Brightlings reviews will verify its effectiveness.


Play, repeat and music
Brightlings guarantees to provide hours of entertainment and silly time with its interactive feature. It records and repeats anything that’s been said. Brightlings can even be moved side by side to change her voice. It’s stated that Brightlings says over 100 things and activates new phrases when played on her back or stomach. Such claims will be validated once it is reviewed. Brightlings convinces to be a great jukebox with its ability to create songs in 6 styles of music – pop, rock, jazz, opera, yodel and beat box. Brightlings asserts to shine with mouth opening animation when it talks. Choose between purple, pink and teal colors. Send us your reviews if your child has found Brightlings really worthy.


What do I get?
Order your Brightlings™ today in your choice of color (pink, teal or purple) for just $29.99 plus $4.99 processing and handling. Brightlings™ is requires 3 AAA batteries (included).


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