Bright Time Buddies

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About Bright Time Buddies

It is a collection of night light designed as adorable toys for kids. They are soft and cuddly and glow with a gentle touch with soothing, colorful lights that change.


Adorable, loving and comforting

Bright Time Buddies promises to shower kids with all the love and comfort they require at night, not to mention a feeling of security in the dark. Most kids are hesitant, if not afraid of the dark. They need to feel loved, safe and secure at night. Bright Time Buddies, a range of cute, adorable and colorful little toys that glow in the dark, seems the perfect solution for kids that’s a lot more fun than regular night lights.


Six soft and huggable friends!

There are six of Bright Time Buddies- Dreamy Dog, Windsor Penguin, Crescent Cat and others that kids can choose from, or collect all of them. They have soft, cuddly body kids can hug and squeeze while sleeping happily.


Great way to put kids to bed with

The Bright Time Buddies characters make for delightful company for kids at bedtime. Your little ones will be only too delighted to have soft and cuddly little toys at night which actually glow and fill their bed with soothing light. These glowing little characters are the night light that kids can take anywhere themselves, just like other toys. They make the young ones feel warm, cozy and safe so they sleep peacefully.

Gentle, colorful glow!

Bright Time Buddies gives out soft and soothing blue, purple, teal and green lights that aren’t too bright but actually comfort kids so fall asleep peacefully. The light can be turned on with a soft touch on their head. The colors rotate between blue, purple, teal and green when turned on and When you click on it again, the color that is glowing stays on.


For loads of story time fun

Bright Time Buddies can be great as story time partners for kids. They can make story time sessions more creative, exciting and full of fun. Besides, Bright Time Buddies also make for great gifts that any kid is sure to love.


    What do I get ?

  • You will receive Two Bright Time Buddies glow pet in your choice for $24.9 + $9.9 P&H.
  • You can select from following
  • Dreamy Dog
  • Lumy Owl
  • Lucinda Ladybug
  • Shimmer Unicorn
  • Crescent Cat or
  • Windsor Penguin
  • Official Website :

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