Bright Bugz REVIEW

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What is Bright Bugz?

The infomercial states that it is a pair of lights that work on the command of fingers and can be used to create illusions to perform magic tricks. Bright Bugz are innovative little gadgets that resemble fireflies you play with and hold in your fingers. Bright Bugz are basically a pair of fingertip mounted lights that illuminate when pressed. The pack of Bright Bugz demonstrates different tricks you can play with them and enjoy.


Bright Bugz Customer Reviews

Barbara Wallace complains in her Bright Bugz review“Though using Bright Bugz looks easy and fun in the video, it isn’t really so. I think it’s easy to make out that they’re just lights on your fingertips. Also, its buttons don’t turn on easily.”

Joanna Thompson is not much happy with the Bright Bugz, in her review she mentions – “One of my Bright Bugz didn’t glow. I had to press real hard once every ten times to turn it on. Though Bright Bugz are otherwise nice, I couldn’t return them due to deadline constraints.”

Lara Croft claims in her review“I couldn’t choose the color of Bright Bugz. The battery of one glowed for just one minute and died.”

Edna Stewart complains in her review – “Defunct batteries were provided to me, which cannot be replaced. Scam!

Patricia Smith in her Bright Bugz review mentions – “The picture of the Bright Bugz makes you believe you get lots of them. But they sent only one and even that didn’t work. Misleading commercial and pathetic supplier!

Christine Sherman cautions in her Bright Bugz review“After an hour of purchase, one of my Bright Bugz stopped working. I threw it in the trash bin. Total waste of money. Beware!”

Angela Snyder warns in her Bright Bugz review that – “Contrary to the image shown on the pack of Bright Bugz, you get only two LEDs, which you fix on both your index fingers. Then you act as if you’re throwing light from one hand to the other as one “turns on” while the other “turns off”. What humbug. My kids lost interest in 10 minutes. Complete turn off.

Marisa Seymour feels cheated, in her Bright Bugz review“The moment I opened my Bright Bugz set, I realized it’s a scam. I feel cheated.”

Linda Rose is disillusioned with the Bright Bugz, in her review she says – “Though Bright Bugz looked adorable, they didn’t glow properly after an hour. Toys like these must work well to maintain the fun. This one doesn’t…

Jeffrey Stevens complains in her Bright Bugz review“Only one Bright Bugz was glowing while the other was dim. I had to press it hard to make it glow. On top of that, the batteries died after just three days.”

Claudia Taylor says – “One of my Bright Bugz keeps flickering even though I hold it right. Something’s seriously wrong with it.

Kenneth Allen mentions in her review“You can’t select the color of your Bright Bugz. We got yellow Bright Bugz, and my daughter was a tad disappointed. Thankfully, she was ok later and enjoyed playing with them.”

What does Bright Bugz Claim?

They are tiny gadgets that that help you perform many magic-like tricks with light. You can create an illusion of making light jump from one hand into the other, insert it in one ear, pull it out from the other and perform similar tricks. However, you need to take care while using Bright Bugz. They contain small parts that can cause choking hazards especially for children under three.

Glow your mind – Bright Bugz guarantees to be a toy that uses light on command to perform magic tricks easily. As of now it is difficult to accept or reject Bright Bugz’s claims due to lack of user reviews. Bright Bugz promises to have a foolproof way of emitting light that helps in lighting up the entire night.

Never before seen tricks – Bright Bugz states to be designed with differently sized bands that fit on the index finger. The thumb needs to be pressed against the index finger to light it up and release to switch it off. This makes it glow and a pair in both the hands provides an illusion of fast paced movement. Bright Bugz assures that it is discreet while performing tricks and is available in different colors. More will be confirmed by Bright Bugz reviews.

Bright Bugz- Some features and functions :
• Light-up bug trick
• Two fingertip lights
• Squeeze to activate
• Help perform different tricks
• Easy to use
• 2.5 cm long


What do I get?

  • 2 Sets of Bright Bugz (1 Pink & 1 Blue)
  • 2 Pouches
  • 1 3D HoloBeam
  • 1 Instructions Booklet

Price: $19.99 + Free S/h | Official website:


Bright Bugz are amazing gadgets that help you make light magically appear and disappear. Once you know the tricks beforehand, you’ll puzzle your friends with them and leave them speechless.

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