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What is Boxy Girls?

It is a set of four adorable dolls that look like pretty girls, each having four shipping boxes of 12 stylish accessories and goodies to play with. Boxy Girls promises to fill play time of little ones, especially girls, with a whole of delightful moments that go beyond playing with regular dolls and kits.



Loads of Excitement and Fun for Little Girls

This unique set of four dolls not only look lovable and styled differently from each other but also come with goodie boxes, four for each containing 12 fashion accessories, trinkets, make-up, bags, shoes and more. The makers of Boxy Girls seem to endeavor charming young girls by packing lots of pretty nick-knacks for the dolls and discovering the basics of fashion through them.


Sure to Fascinate and Delight Young Girls

The four Boxy Girls dolls are named Riley, Willa, Nomi and Brooklyn, and are given lovely fashion goodies which little girls would find fascinating and love adorning the dolls with. All the articles in the shipping boxes are packed with an element of surprise. The Boxy Girls dolls look different and seem to belong to different ethnic backgrounds, which aim to add diversity to the collection besides hours of creativity and fun.


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