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What are Blobbits

They are meltable and mouldable creatures that promise to offer hours of unlimited fun for your kids.
Blobbits claim to be a big source of entertainment for kids, who often tend to get bored with their regular toys and games. You want to make sure they are kept engaged so that you don’t have restless kids on hand. That’s why you also end up spending huge amounts on toys that kids easily get bored of. That’s where Blobbits come into the picture, according to their claims, and assure your kids loads of fun wherever they are.

Blobbits and understanding their magic

To begin with, you have to know that Blobbits are meltable creatures that your kids won’t have enough off. They stress that all you have to do is simply click them and they will melt away. Thus your kids will have a huge variety of options working and playing with them. Another advantage of Blobbits is that they are easily mouldable and as a result they will be able to boost your children’s creativity as well. Next time your kids want a fun playtime you can let them have a go with these mushy creatures and have a lot of fun.


Blobbits mean plenty of bouncy fun

It’s true that Blobbits are reusable and that means the fun never stops with them. Yours kids will never get bored of them and get the most out of these exciting creatures. That’s because they also change shape in a matter of minutes. But that’s not all; Blobbits emphasize on the fact that they can be a bouncing game for kids to enjoy wherever they are. These creatures bounce and they bounce a lot, making things fun and exciting for young ones, who can play with them for long.

Blobbits glow in the dark too

Are your kids scared in the dark and you want to make sure they feel comforted when they are in their bedrooms at nights? Then you can simply leave them with their favourite Blobbits, which should do the trick. That’s because Blobbits promise to glow in the dark with a simple click. Next time your kids are alone in the dark, they will be comforted with the light and the presence of these cute creatures too. These creatures on the other hand can also be used to scare and lead to great fun at a slumber party.

Blobbits has several options for different occasions

Blobbits include plenty of weird looking creatures that are oh so adorable. They all have crazy arms, silly legs, mouth and groovy eyes to ensure that kids have amazing fun playing with them. And since they change shape, there are hundreds of options in front of your kids. Blobbits guarantee to be safe for use by kids because they are made out of stretchable, intergalactic kid-safe plastic. They can lead to play time indoors and outdoors as well. Besides they make perfect presents for kids for all occasions.

What do I get?

You get two Blobbits kits for $9.99 plus P&H.Official website


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