Battle Balloons Review

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About Battle Balloons

Battle Balloons asserts to be an exciting new way to fill water balloons quickly and easily. Its new-age mechanism is allegedly designed to provide users with total 40 balloons filled in one go and that too in a few seconds. Battle Balloons claims that it’s the brand new way to prep water balloons for endless fun activity for kids that even adults will love to indulge in.

How does it work

Battle Balloons states to be the result of a new technology that allows filling up of multiple balloons in one go. There is an advanced Spiral Step Technology in Battle Balloons that connects the water hose to the balloons and starts to supply water evenly to each of them. This way their size consistency is maintained. Once the water balloons are filled there is an Aqua Sealing Technology that ties them up tightly. Once it is sealed, it drops down in a bucket kept underneath and ready to go.

Endless fun with water balloons

If your kids fancy a fun time with water balloon battle but the tedious chore of filling a single balloon and tying it up deters them then Battle Balloons promises to be the thing they need. Battle Balloons is a water balloon system that claims to have a new-age mechanism that helps in filling multiple balloons and tying them up in one go. Battle Balloons emphasizes to be easy to use. The deflated balloons that come in Battle Balloons pack are to be attached to any hose and the water turned on. Once the water starts filling in, the balloons grow bigger and once they are ready they simply tie themselves and drop into a bucket underneath. Battle Balloons proclaims that all these balloons get filled simultaneously so that mountains of water balloons can be generated in just seconds for endless fun.

For playful family time

Battle Balloons assures to be great for outdoor fun and entertainment for kids and also takes away the boring part of filling balloons before the actual fun begins. It maintains to be perfect to play water balloon catch with friends or get into a full blown family water balloon battle in the backyard. And even if it is you that readies the bucket of water balloons then you are assured to stop wasting time and energy on filling the balloons and use that extra time to have fun instead.

Easy to use and carry

Battle Balloons claims to come in a compact size when not blown so that it can be carried along anywhere even inside the back pocket. Battle Balloons also convinces to be easy to use as there is no assembly required and does not need any adult supervision too. The quality of balloons in the Battle Balloons package is maintained to be good for tossing, throwing, flinging, launching, lobbing and slinging. The perfectly-shaped balloons Battle Balloons are declared to be made from safe material for kids. Battle Balloons alleges to come in attractive colors of red, green and blue.

What do I get?

You get the triple offer Battle Balloons in red, green & blue for just $10.00 plus $5.99 shipping and handling.official website

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