Batmobile by Air Hogs Review

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What is Batmobile by Air Hogs?

Batmobile by Air Hogs is the iconic vehicle of comic superhero Batman. This version from Air Hogs is supposedly the official replica RC Batmobile of the most awaited movie Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. It is not a hidden fact that of all Batman’s high-tech gadgets, the Batmobile is the most coveted. Batmobile by Air Hogs claims to have an incredible brushed metal detail. Though it is meant for kids above 8 years, anyone who is a fan of the superhero would definitely like to own one. As exciting as the claims may sound, we are not buying into it. At least not till we have seen what the Batmobile by Air Hogs have to say.

How does Bat Mobile by Air Hogs work?

A lot of anticipation has been built around the new Batman movie – Batman Vs Superman. It’s but natural that the movie merchandise will leave no stone unturned in their promotions. Given the humungous fan following for the superhero, anything and everything associated with Batman will be a superhit. That’s precisely what Air Hogs had in mind when they decided to launch the official movie replica of Batmobile. As per the claims, the Batmobile by Air Hogs with its brushed metal detail and responsive linkage steering, bursts off the screen and breathes life into all of the action-packed scenes from Batman V Superman. Operated by a 2.4Ghz remote control the Batmobile by Air Hogs delivers precise control and long-range capabilities for a thrilling driving experience. At least that’s what Air Hogs promises but we haven’t come across any Batmobile reviews to confirm the authenticity. If you or someone you know has used it, do share the pros and cons in your Batmobile by Air Hogs reviews.

The 4 powerful front mounted LEDs of the Batmobile by Air Hogs directionally tracks wherever you steer. Its rear after-burner LED glows as you hit the throttle for an incredible burst of speed. It requires 2AA batteries to operate but they are not included in the kit however. There is a provision of USB chargeable battery slot so that you can charge it as and when required. Come to think of it, the Batmobile by Air Hogs can be a great gift idea for any Batman fan and theirs is surely no shortage of them whatsoever. Simply put, the Batmobile by Air Hogs is highly manoeuvrable delivering precise and long distance control. Well, looking at the features one can’t help but get swept away. After all it is the highly anticipated Batman Vs Superman official movie replica, but we’ll still wait for the Batmobile by Air Hogs reviews.

What do I get?

You get Batmobile by Air Hogs for $59.99.Official website

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