Ballzoons Review

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Are you looking for a fun toy for your kids so that they will have a great time without getting bored? You know you spend a lot of money on toys that they outgrow very easily. Hence you want to get them something that they won’t have enough of and what’s more, will learn to use with friends indoors or outdoors for that matter and have a good playtime. If that’s intention then you can get reasonably priced Ballzoons, which are not just balls, not just balloons but a funky combination of both and they are certainly a lot of fun.



With these cool ball balloons, kids will find and come up with so many ways of having fun. They can be used both indoors and outdoors so that they get enough activity and make the most of their playtime as well. It’s whackable and bounceable, which are just two of the ways you can play with this toy and you can also use it as a squishy friend when you want to. And when you are done playing with it you will be happy to find that it’s collapsible and won’t add to your storage space woes.

To begin with, it’s very easy to use and you can start with inserting the balloon in. You can then inflate the balloon and tie it up with a neck clip. That’s it; your funky and cool toy is ready to be played with. You can get Ballzoons in eight different characters, which gives your kids a wide range of choice and they can make a whole set or then share with friends and get together for Ballzoon events too. One of the reasons this toy ticks all the right boxes for kids and their parents is that it’s very safe for use.

They are very lightweight and kids will have no problem playing with them. They can let their creativity take over and come up with games that will encourage friendship with others kids at schools or in the neighbourhood. Balls, balloons, whatever way you want to look at them; the fun never stops.


What do I get?

  • 10- pack of Balloons with each Ballzoons

All this for $9.95 + P & H. Official website



Ballzoons Video

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