Ball Pets Review

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Who doesn’t like to see their kids having a fun playtime? If you want to give them a toy that is a double surprise for them then get Ball Pets, a plush roly-poly ball that pops open to give another cute surprise, a cuddly stuffed toy. The special toy is designed in a way that your kid can play with it like a ball, toss it in the air, bounce it down the stairs, play basketball or catch with it. And then when they have had their fill playing ball they can just snap it open and find a friend hidden inside.

How does Ball Pets Work

Ball Pets are available in exciting and fun colors like purple, blue, orange and yellow so you can surprise your kid with their favorite color. Inside the plush colorful ball they will find an equally cute matching friend like Purple Bear Pet, Blue Bear Pet, Orange Kitty Pet and Yellow Puppy Pet.

Ball Pets are so easy to turn into a ball or a pet even a toddler can do it. Just like they need to be snapped open, they can be popped closed and they will be ready to be rolled. So the kids can play with them closed or open, the way they wish to. Ball Pets are so light they can be carried anywhere and there is no limit to the number of games your kids can play with them – from bowling to good ol’ catch to basketball. Or if they so wish they can tell their pet friends a story, sing them lullaby and even cuddle with them in bed.

Your kids can play with Ball Pets inside or outside wherever they please. These plush pets will encourage them to be on their toes all the time and keep them active. Or if it’s a rainy day your kid will no longer be bored to be indoors in the company of his favorite Ball Pets pal. The plush toys are so light your kid can even carry them over on travels and play dates will never have been so much fun for them.




What do I get?
Select from: Blue bear pet, Orange kitty pet, Purple bear pet, Yellow puppy pet.
Price: $12.99+p.&H. Official website



Ball Pets Video

4 thoughts on “Ball Pets Review

  1. My 3 year old little boy saw the commercial for this product on the Sprout Channel and excitedly told us that the Easter Bunny would bring it to him. Day and night, it was all I heard about, so on April 7th, I placed the order online. That was two weeks prior to Easter. Now it’s three weeks PAST Easter and still no Ball Pet. Imagine the disappointment of a 3 year old child who gets a note from the Easter Bunny who says that he “forgot his Ball Pet at home and would send it in the mail”. Now imagine the devastation he is feeling, thinking that the Easter Bunny has totally forgotten about him. Thanks, Telebrands. You’re customer service stinks. I tried calling twice and the last time I talked to someone, all he could say to me was “you’ll just have to wait”. Fine, okay…..let me put my child on the phone, so you can tell him the same thing. Still, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt, since their website DOES say it could take up to 3-6 weeks before your item ships out. I’m at 5 weeks right now. Let’s see what next week brings. But, REALLY?!…….3-6 weeks?!?!? Does your Ball Pet clean houses, make dinner and take drink orders? I don’t even think my appliances took that long. Even if I receive this product, the overall experience has been the absolute worst and I will never order another product through this company again.

  2. Prior to placing a Ball Pets order online, I called the customer service telephone number and asked about expedient handling. I was informed that it guaranteed that the item would leave the warehouse in 3-5 business days. I then placed an order and paid for the expedient processing. I did receive a conformation email stating that I should be able to track the order within 24-48 hours. It has now been 6 days and I cannot track the order online. I called customer service and was told by two different CSRs that my order is on backorder. The automated recording on the CSR number says that my order will be shipped in five weeks! I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that he would tell me the same thing. I was adamant that I speak with a supervisor and was informed that the order was no on backorder and that the items would go out this week. I’m extremely unhappy and if my daughters didn’t ask for these things everyday, I would cancel the order. There is no communication and they do not meet their commitment times.

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