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Do you want to take your playhouses along with you wherever you go but are discouraged because of the bulky size? Now you can magically take your playhouse anywhere with the innovative kid-friendly AppVentures, the fun case that can transform any iPad into a creative playhouse – iDollhouse or iFirehouse. Not only will the case protect your iPad but you can have fun playing on it through the day. AppVentures is so easy to use. Just place the iPad inside the case, shut the casing and go on an adventure all day.


AppVentures will let you do so many fun things. The iDollhouse six different exciting rooms where you can do so many activities, whether you want to paint the walls, change the curtain or color the rug. There is even more – run a bath or flush the toilet. Or go into the iDollhouse kitchen and cook and bake whatever you like – a cake or a pizza. To make it even more exciting you can even click a picture, put it in the photo frame on the wall of the dollhouse. And if you take fancy to the iFirehouse then you can do equally exciting stuff like running the water in the fire hose, sliding down a pole or even putting the fire out. You can even turn on the sirens or flash the lights and also clean the engine.

Not just you but your friends can also join the party with you. Play with them whenever you like and when they scan their QR code, you can have them as your virtual friend inside the AppVentures playhouse. There are more activities like feeding a pet, playing the seesaw and even dancing and the whole family can be in the game on the AppVentures. Unlike the big dollhouse that your car has no space for, your kids can carry AppVentures in the car, on a plane or even to a park. Choose from the exciting iDollhouse or iFirehouse and get a doll or a fireman free along with a scannable QR Code. You can also find specially sized AppVentures for iPhone or iTouch.



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