Airwing Blaster Review

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What is Airwing Blaster?

It claims to be a rocket-glider which is designed to be launched in the exteriors. It has the capacity to soar up to 26 feet in the air before it glides back down to the ground.

Amazing rocket glider

Airwing Blaster proclaims to be an amazing aviation fun kit presented by Airhogs, which will provide endless fun to the children. At this point of time there are no Airwing Blaster reviews available that will attest to its claims. Airwing Blaster promises to be a great way of spending time watching it take flight and glide it back down. Whether it has the capacity to provide such amount of fun will be known only once Airwing Blaster is reviewed. Airwing Blaster states to be much better than other gliders and rockets that do not possess the quality or the design to reach heights that will engage each and every kid. Does Airwing Blaster really provide such an experience will be only exposed once Airwing Blaster is reviewed.


Extraordinary design

Airwing Blaster guarantees to be a great outdoor flying toy that kids will love to play with. The idea behind Airwing Blaster allegedly is that it works as two different things – a rocket and a glider at the same time. How well does Airwing Blaster perform in both ways will be revealed once users get to review it. Airwing Blaster asserts that the idea is to launch it in the air with its powerful launcher and see it soar high. Once it reaches its apex, the glider opens and comes back to the ground in style. Airwing Blaster does sound highly promising but shall be verified once we receive Airwing Blaster reviews for further analysis. Airwing Blaster assures to have an aerodynamic design with sleek exterior that makes it soar up to 26 feet high in air before gliding down. Such farfetched claims by Airwing Blaster will be only validated once it is reviewed by users. To use Airwing Blaster, one has to simply mount it on the tower launcher and launch it by stomping on the foot-powered launching pad. Airwing Blaster does sound great for kids; Airwing Blaster reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Airwing Blaster declares to be perfect for all kids above the age of 5 and it does not require any sort of battery to operate. Currently there are no Airwing Blaster reviews available that will substantiate its claims. Airwing Blaster maintains to be perfect for any outdoor and can be played with in a park or backyard. The mounting and launching process is also easy and can be done by kids without any supervision. More shall be revealed about the use and effectiveness of Airwing Blaster once users start sending their reviews. Airwing Blaster convinces to be perfect value for money as it can be used multiple times which makes it a toy of achieving unlimited fun. Did you find Airwing Blaster really worth the money? Send us your Airwing Blaster reviews.

What do I get?

You get Airwing Blaster for $14.99.Official website

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