AirHogs Hypertrax

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What is AirHogs Hypertrax?

It is a double-sided, all-terrain remote control car for children from the famous Company AirHogs. It can move at great speed, flip over and drive on both sides without stopping.


Gear up for loads of street fun

AirHogs Hypertrax is a new innovation from the AirHogs makers that guarantees endless moments of fun. This is a new remote control car that seems unstoppable constructed to drive over any obstacle smoothly. Even if the streets are lined up with grass, dirt, sand or gravel, the AirHogs Hypertrax claims it has the maximum grip and can continue moving nonstop. Few remote control cars can manage that, but it’s an AirHogs promise that this car can do that and much more.


Small in size but big on action

AirHogs Hypertrax may be really small but that doesn’t seem to be a barrier obstructing its way. Fueled by advanced features that set it apart from others, the car can race, jump, flip and drive. It comes with an independent suspension which you are told can steer it through the toughest landscape.


Advanced features and body parts

AirHogs Hypertrax offers advances features like proportional throttle and proportional steering as well as independent suspension which together make it move the way only it does. The car also has heavy duty treads that apparently get a great grip on surfaces and move smoothly.

Flips and drives upside down too

Try running the AirHogs Hypertrax over a pile of playthings or boxes and you’ll see that it can climb over them, flip and even drive upside down. The body of the vehicle seems sturdy as it is made of double plastic construction so you don’t have to worry if it crashes or rams into anything while speeding.


Double-sided body

AirHogs Hypertrax has a double-sided body which seems apt for a vehicle that takes lots of somersaults and moves nonstop.


AirHogs Hypertrax features 2.4GHz that you are told is amazing for the range and control you need for it.



AirHogs Hypertrax is priced very reasonably. The kind of experience and fun it offers as per what it costs seems very exciting and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


    What do I get ?

  • You get AirHogs Hypertrax for $ 34.99
  • Official Website :

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