Air Hogs Sky Stunt RC Plane Review

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Gear up for big time adventure right up in the sky! Air Hogs Sky Stunt is the ultimate outdoor R/C stunt plane that’s here to propel your adrenaline big time! Air Hogs Sky Stunt is the versatile stunt plane that performs gravity-defying mid-air stunts with just the push of your remote control’s button. It is the amazingly stylized stunt plane modeled after agile racing planes. It brings you the thrill of flying a superfast jet plane all by yourself as you can experience sky-high action!


Air Hogs Sky Stunt RC Plane
Air Hogs Sky Stunt can perform eye-popping loops, stalls, corkscrews, turns and more. The cool high performance stunt plane delivers top quality speed and control. It features radio frequency communication for outdoors use and works with a remote control that comes with it. The remote control of comes fitted with a single stunt button that works in sync with your use of directional controls. Since its remote control has a mind-boggling communication range of 300 feet, it can climb real high and perform daredevil stunts effortlessly right under your orders!

You can maneuver Air Hogs Sky Stunt as and when you want to perform heady stunts. It’s never been more thrilling and at the same time, easier to steer a stunt plane the way you want. It rakes in top speeds and great moves with simple and spontaneous controls. Having control over it is really easy, and that makes it even more irresistible to own it and fly! If you are a true blue pilot who thrives on the exhilaration of sky high thrill, Air Hogs Sky Stunt is the one for you.

The Air Hogs Sky Stunt comes in two different colors and frequencies. That means it is possible for you to fly up to two planes in the same area with zero interference. There’ll be no clashing of frequencies and a risk of collision as both stunt planes traverse different signal paths. Air Hogs Sky Stunt indeed make it possible for you to not only satisfy your urge of sky high adventure but also do it safely so make sure you get it right away!



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