Air Hogs Saw Blade R/c Helicopter Review

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Who doesn’t love those high performance helicopters and planes that give you all the thrills and spills? In many ways they are a dream come true for all young boys and they just can’t have enough of them. It’s a fun way to bond with your friends and you also learn to get a competitive edge by showing off your manoeuvring skills. When you have it all at stake, not just any other helicopter system would do. You need something powerful and cool that will make the right impact on your behalf; quite simply you need Saw Blade.

How does Air Hogs Saw Blade R/c Helicopter Work

It can take you right in the middle of the battlefield and also get all the attention with the high performance disk blasting system that it boasts of. The astonishing thing about Saw Blade is that it can blast up to 30 feet; no mean machine that. Its power and precision have already become the talk of the town and the disks change the game for you. They put you firmly in control as you have the option of flying solo and having a whale of time while you master your skills as well. On the other hand you can also go in for a head to head with a friend in an aerial battle that will be a lot of fun.

This is the RC adrenaline rush you have been looking for because you can perform stunts like never before. The helicopter will have all the edge of the seat excitement in store for you as you manoeuvre it to your heart’s fill and perform ricochet shots that will win you applause from your audience and have your rivals in trouble. The cord management system that is built in the remote control makes things a lot easier for you and there’s additional disc storage for your convenience as well.

This disc firing helicopter that’s remote controlled lets you load and fire up to 5 discs at a time. Thus you have a steady firing line that will be a source of great excitement and the helicopter is quite durable too.



What do I get?

  • 5-disk payload Saw Blade
  • 20 disks
  • 6 extra targets

All this for $ 39.99 + $ 8.99 P & H. Official web site



Air Hogs Saw Blade R/c Helicopter Video

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