Air Hogs Megabomb

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What is Air Hogs Megabomb – It is the ultimate RC helicopter that is coupled with bomb dropping capability.

Rule the sky

Air Hogs Megabomb claims to be the first of its kind Radio Controlled Helicopter that is loaded with a live bomb to deploy over the enemy and wipe them out forever. There are many RC helicopters available for kids that work with simple mechanics of flying or launching missiles but kids need something new and Air Hogs Megabomb is said to be just that much needed advancement. Kids between 10-12 years now have something much more devastating in their hands to wipe the evil with the new Air Hogs Megabomb.

Sleek Design

Air Hogs Megabomb is supposedly the sturdiest RC helicopter available today with its ready to attack bee looking design. Its body is made from sturdy plastic that apparently is quite durable making Air Hogs Megabomb a lasting one even in the hands of the most destructible kids. Plus the famous bomb that is attached to Air Hogs Megabomb is quite a design and has 3 internal missiles that are destroy anything in its drop zone vicinity.

State of the art technology

Air Hogs Megabomb promises to be very easy when it comes to handling with a remote control. The dual rotor system is installed to provide amazing stability when it is in the air. Plus the flight control takes place using the Steady Fly Technology which is said to have ultra-stable flight features making it easy for steering the deadly Air Hogs Megabomb through any difficult terrain straight into the enemy territory. The flying and targeting mechanism can be rehearsed and practiced on the targets and later the bomb can be dropped with a single push of a button on the remote control. Another key feature that Air Hogs Megabomb claims to have is that the helicopter recharges right from the controller itself.



Air Hogs Megabomb Video

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