Air Hogs Hyperactives RC Car Review

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Boys will be boys, as they say, and they will get their thrills from daredevilry and gravity defying stunts. Well, at least as far as their cars are concerned. All boys and young men love cars, and it brings out the young kid in every grownup man as well. You might already have your collection of action cars, which you are quite proud of. But it is just not complete unless you have Hyperactives, which are full power compact cars that will give you the adrenaline rush you seek.


Air Hogs Hyperactives RC Car
Hyperactives comes from Air Hogs, a name that has gained impeccable reputation in the market, which lets you be rest assured of the quality of your buys.

Hyperactives uses ground breaking rollover technology, which makes it possible for you to be able to pull off those crazy stunts that you only wished you could. Hyperactives is every young boys dream come true and now you can do those gravity defying stunts with ease.

Steep climbs? Vertical spirals? Not a problem. Hyperactives pack a lot of power in their compact size, 2.4 Gigahertz speed and torque to be precise. And they also have a 100 foot range, which gives you the option of taking them out in sprawling outdoor spaces with your friends. They are extremely easy to maneuver with the pistol remote and you can impress your mates with your skills.

Hyperactives are sturdy drives; hence you can bash them and mash them without worrying about causing them any damage. Powerful, fast and rugged; Hyperactives are just what you look for in your action cars.



What do I get?
•1 Hyperactives with Roll Bar
• 1 Proportional Speed Pistol Remote w/ built in Charger
• 4 Rubber Tires
• 4 Foam Tires
• 1 Instructional Guide
You can buy Hyperactives for two easy payments of $24.95 each plus S&H at



Air Hogs Hyperactives RC Car Video


5 thoughts on “Air Hogs Hyperactives RC Car Review

  1. My son’s RC car is stuck in reverse mode…we cannot figure out why it will no longer go forward??? frustrating!

  2. With my Hyper Active it goes backward when you stopped pushing the button forward. It’s still goes backwards and sometimes it drives when the remotes off but the cars on.

  3. My hyperactive RC car when you push the trigger forward it go backwards, when you stop pushing the trigger it keeps going backwards and sometimes I will cut the remote off and the hyperactive still goes forward.

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