Air Hogs Hover Assault Reviews and Complaints Review

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In the fast pacing technological changes, even toys are not left behind. With invention of Radio frequencies RF remote operated toys took the market with a storm. It has become a rage amongst young kids and even in adults to drive small stellar cars, helicopters and planes that are remote control operated. The tough choice always comes where you might have a budget and have to choose between either buying a car and a hovering vehicle toy. What if both these options were available in one go? Well it’s no longer just a wish with the launch of the newest Air Hogs Hover Assault.


Air Hogs Hover Assault

Air Hogs are the leaders in manufacturing innovative remote operated toys in the market and are known for super efficient and smooth functioning. This time they have come up with a new toy Air Hogs Hover Assault, which is not just a car or just a helicopter but a combination of both and the best part about it is that it features missiles for launching too! This expert level Air Hogs toy comes with the option to either speed up on ground powered with an intelligent propeller system or can be used to simply hop and soar over ground full of obstacles. It even gives the option to choose between flying the vehicle for a full flight mode or just use it for burst of soaring during the ground assault.

Air Hogs Hover Assault also comes with a 4-plastic missile deployment unit which can be fired with just a push of a button. There are targets that come with the package for easy practice and having some fun with the featured aerial attack mode. This innovative design comes for kids who are 10+ years and is perfectly suitable for an indoor activity. So be it driving down the hill while hopping through the potholes and obstacles or soaring to the top of the building to target and kill a monster, all the fun is combined in one Air Hogs Hover Assault. Plus it comes for an attractive price considering that it serves the purpose of a car and a helicopter. The package comes with batteries, missiles and targets for the same.



What do I get?
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5 thoughts on “Air Hogs Hover Assault Reviews and Complaints Review

  1. Chinese crap!!!

    Air Hogs Reviews and Complaints
    Summary of Air Hogs Hover Assault Pros

    Hops higher distances
    Missile range up to 5 feet
    Works good as a car

    Summary of Air Hogs Hover Assault Cons

    Short battery life. Need to replace batteries frequently
    Frustrating to fly. Does not fly very well. Hard to control
    Missiles don’t hit the target as the Hover-Assault does not hover.
    No gyro, so not stable in the air
    Does not hover
    Requires plenty of open space
    Does not go up or down directly
    No laser pointer
    No quad-rotor
    No reverse function as a car

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