Air Hogs Heli Cage Review

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All you flying machine aficionados, here fly in Air Hogs Heli Cage, the ultimate unstoppable flying marvel. Air Hogs Heli Cage is the new sensation sure to hit your mind when you see the feat it performs. It’s a miniature helicopter alright, but it’s gigantic enough to blow your mind as it flies fast and furious right before your eyes.


Air Hogs Heli Cage

Air Hogs Heli Cage is the super strong R/C helicopter with a powerful force field. It makes its proud owner virtually indestructible in air. Just imagine a tiny chopper flying all over your house under your control. Your Air Hogs Heli Cage cuts through even tiny spaces at amazing speed as it performs mind blowing somersaults. It smashes, bashes, crashes and gets back to its feet in no time.

With Air Hogs Heli Cage you can add a whole new dimension of adventure and thrill in your life. When you fly it you can go invisible and have some real great fun. Tight spaces can’t contain you so you’ll need to just take flight and soar high. You can hover and also charge straight for any obstacle. The Heli Cage Ring Shield technology pushes you to attack and smash things around but shields it from any damage by ensuring that it lands upright and keep on going.

You can be a daredevil with the Heli Cage by your side. Its crash resistant rings protect against obstructions and its unique system controls allow you to maneuver effortlessly. Its controller also has the new Turbo Forward button to give more control over forward flight. The Heli Cage uses the same electronic setup as that of latest Havoc Heli’s.



What do I get?
Air Hogs Heli Cage is easy to fly, maintain and look after. You can get it with removable shield and remote control with built in charger for only $48.94 with 30. The awesome Air Hogs Heli Cage has 1 Heli Cage, 1 controller/charger, 2 spare tail propellers, 1 Propeller Removal Tool, 1 Instruction Guide. Get one today and embark on a journey of fun, thrill and adventure right at home!
Official Website – |
Customer Service – Custom Care Department at: 1-800-622-8339 or email us at Hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 8pm EST.



Air Hogs Heli Cage Video


6 thoughts on “Air Hogs Heli Cage Review

  1. This is the worst RC Helicopter I have ever purchased. The idea was good but the trim never works and you cannot get it to hover it just spins out of control and crashes, no matter how much you try to adjust the trim. I have 5 other family members with this same product and they all have the same problem. I wish I would have checked the reviews first most websites that have reviews on this copter have approx. 9 out 10 bad reviews for it. They all complain about the trim no matter how much you try it won’t hover.

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