Air Hogs Gyroblade Review

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If you are someone who thrives on nothing less than irrepressible adventure, get Air Hogs Gyroblade and set off for unending moments of out of the world thrills! Air Hogs, the leader in remote control vehicles, presents Gyroblade, and with it a whole new way to experience true adventure mid-air! Gyroblade is the amazing new hobby-inspired R/C helicopter that features advanced flight characteristics and makes you feel you really are zipping in the sky! It’s the perfect chopper for spunky R/C pilots, and so if you are one too, here’s the perfect opportunity for you to get ready for the next-level adventure!


Air Hogs Gyroblade
Gyroblade comes with full 3-channel control and gyroscopic stabilization. It’s built with a metal reinforced body and has impact-resistant frame that makes it incredibly robust. It is crafted for superior performance right down to the last detail as it can not only soar high but also stay unbreakable. That’s what a chopper that thrives on unstoppable sky adventure requires!

Gyroblade comes with gyroscopic stabilization which prevents it from unwanted spinning for easy and stable in-flight control. It makes it possible for you to deliver exceptional maneuvering and handling effortlessly that can be managed only by the most seasoned pilots. With Gyroblade, you can actually make aggressive movements that would not be possible without gyro stabilization. Gyroblade lets you experience the overpowering quick and responsive flight that no other can deliver!

The amazing Gyroblade flying controls are easy to learn and with time, possible to even master. It has 6-directional control, which gives you the freedom to handle it the way you want. It comes with superlative control that offers exhilarating moments to any graduated pilot. Gyro is the highlight of this helicopter, which sets it apart from ordinary choppers.

It also has the quintessential Air Hogs single main rotor with a horizontal tail rotor, which makes it a superstar in a league of its own. What’s more, the high-composite metal reinforced body of Gyroblade protects it against crash landings, which makes it durable and allows you to fly without hesitating. So if you’re game for the challenge, Air Hogs Gyroblade is the best bet of all!



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3 thoughts on “Air Hogs Gyroblade Review

  1. I own a decent amount of helicopters. The syma s107g(2), symas 033g, WL v911(2), ody333 typhoon,airvolt tf-1. I must say for durability and basically the most fun the gyroblade is about my favorite I own. It’s quick as a hummingbird, has literally taken hundreds of bad crashes that would have ended the life of the high end birds that boast durability. The fixed pitch blades are nice being that I feel I’m beginning to “outgrow” coaxial helis. Flight time averages 6+minutes which is probably the best out of anything I own. I must say if that inevitable life ending crash takes my gyroblade I would immediately buy another but I bet you it won’t anytime soon.

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