Air Hogs – Fly Crane Review

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Air Hogs Fly Crane is the first ever remote controlled helicopter with a real working crane. This easy to use crane is sturdy enough to pick up any object and fly them to safety. It can be used to transport cargo, search for hidden treasure, gather supplies, and deliver supplies with just a push of a button.


How does Air Hogs – Fly Crane work?
The Air Hogs Fly Crane uses steady fly technology to pick up, transport, and drop off objects with amazing steadiness. The Air Hogs Fly Crane can simply drop and retract the grapple hook to automatically haul cargo with just a push of a button.

The Air Hogs Fly Crane uses looped baskets to transport crucial supplies to difficult to reach places. With the Air Hogs Fly Crane nothing is impossible.The Air Hogs Fly Crane is a two channel helicopter with a coaxial design. It features 2 main rotors that rotate in the opposite direction. It is called a Fly Crane because it is a crane that flies.

There is also an extra large button on the controller through which the winch is released and that releases the hook. If you push it again it will retract.

It comes included with three baskets. The hook can be used to pick up these three baskets. These baskets are like rescue baskets which are used by coastguards.

The controller is standard for all air hogs craft. It has a trim dial to ensure your steering is right. There is also a charging jack built right into the controller that you can simply plug into the helicopter. Press the switch on the controller to start charging the helicopter.

Since the Fly Crane uses a two channel control system, it is always going to move forward a little bit. You can only control it to move it up and down and turn it to move it left and right.

It has a little bit of weight on the front so it balances well when flying. Once you get it trimmed it is a whole lot of fun to fly.

It is very smooth and extremely stable and does just what you want. It is great for novice pilots because it runs smoothly and always has a consistent forward motion to it.

You have to control it moving it up, down and left and right. You don’t have to really fight the control with it.

The only thing is that it is quite difficult to hook the rescue baskets. Once you get a basket hooked it is even harder to fly the copter around because of the dragging extra weight and it is even harder to keep it flying in the air.

When it crashes, the line that is linked to the hook gets wrapped around the rotor blades and shaft. The swinging motion of the hook by itself tends to fly the craft around in the air and if its drags on the ground or picks something up, it makes it even more difficult to fly the helicopter.

Each charge lasts for about 5-8 minutes of flight time and includes a little bit of down time from when it crashes. Each charge from a completely dead battery to a fully loaded battery takes about a half an hour.

Overall, there is over 3 hours of charging and flying that is loaded into this. If you want to fly more efficiently and pick up baskets more successfully you need to fly the helicopter in a large open space. It is also better to pick up the baskets from the floor, preferably a smooth floor surface.

Make sure that you don’t put the baskets on the bed or table because as the helicopter approaches the edge it is going to be more of an effort as the rotor blades will touch the top of the surface and causes it to change its direction.

When flying low over an elevated surface you get it to ground effect which actually gives you more lift and then when you fly off the edge you suddenly lose that and it may fall down.

As a regular helicopter the Fly Crane is great. It is both steady and fun to fly.

Air Hogs Fly Crane Review

Controlling the Air Hogs Fly Crane does take a little practice and patience.  The Air Hogs Fly Crane is designed to always move forward at a slow and steady pace.  You control the altitude and direction of the helicopter with the remote.  In order to avoid crashing, you need to get used to the idea of flying in circles and always being in motion.

Kids looking for a super simple to fly helicopter that is easily controlled right out of the box might be disappointed with the Air Hogs Fly Crane.  In truth, these types of kids will be disappointed with any toy RC helicopters.  No matter what the box or commercial says, all toy RC helicopters require some practice and experimenting to get comfortable with the controls.

In a strange way, I found the challenge of flying RC helicopters actually adds to the fun.  It requires skills, which improve over time, to fly these helicopters and you feel pretty satisfied when you do navigate a great flight.  The other possibility is we are just crazy, but I really think that older kids (10 and up) will get into the challenge of flying a clean flight.

I tried putting some small action figures in the basket and the weight was too much for the Air Hogs Fly Crane to pick up.  So, you are not going to really transport anything in the baskets, however, it does make for a fun game to try to pick up a basket. 

Fans of R/C flying toys understand these limitations and still get a kick out of flying.  If you have kids who are 10 and up and like R/C toys, they will enjoy the Air Hogs Fly Crane and its ability to go fishing from the sky!



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
• 1 fly crane with real working Winch
• 1 remote/ charger
• 3 looped baskets
• Instruction guide
• Wrecking ball
• 15 build and bask bricks

You can now order your Fly Crane RC Helicopter including remote/charger, 3 looped baskets and instruction guide for $39.95 plus $12.99 P&H. You will also receive the snap-on wrecking ball plus 15 build and bash bricks with your order. Official website



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Air Hogs – Fly Crane Video


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