Air Hogs Firewing Bird Review

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What is Air Hogs Firewing Bird:

It is a flying bird from Air Hogs that promises to let you experience a new way of flying.
Air Hogs Firewing Bird claims that it can make your dreams of flying like a bird come true in the best possible way. Studies show that most of us have dreamed of flying at one point or another. We look at the birds in the sky and wish we could soar to heights like them. Flying planes is one thing; experiencing the true flight of a bird is quite another. Air Hogs Firewing Bird asserts that now you can actually realize your flight of fancy. If you want a flying experience like no other then you can rely on this bird to take you to new heights.

Air Hogs Firewing Bird offers you a flying experience like a real bird

To begin with, this bird comes from Air Hogs, a renowned name when it comes to toy planes and helicopters that are a class apart. They have now brought to you the Air Hogs Firewing Bird, which maintains that it can actually emulate the flight pattern of a real bird. Air Hogs Firewing Bird is not only known for its high performance but also has a wing flapping motion. It’s because of that, this handsome bird will be able to replicate the moves of a real bird in the skies. As a result, you will get the authentic flying experience with it.


Air Hogs Firewing Bird is designed to be crash resistant

If you are a flying enthusiast and want to earn brownie points with your friends, then Air Hogs Firewing Bird can be the right option for you, according to its claims. It will offer a flying experience like no other for you to marvel at. Air Hogs Firewing Bird also stresses that it has been specially designed to be durable for you. It has a foam body and carbon fibre frame, which makes it completely crash resistant. That’s how you can test new levels of flight with it.

Air Hogs Firewing Bird and its highlighting features

Air Hogs Firewing Bird has been packed with features to give you a complete, all round and convenient flying experience. It has 2.4 GHz communication, which allows you to fly your Firewing bird from around 100 feet away. Air Hogs Firewing Bird has been designed to be perfect for all pilots over ten years of age. To power the controller you will need 4 AA batteries. If you have a flying enthusiast in the family and if you are looking for the right present for him, then you don’t have to look beyond it.


What Do I Get?

  • You can get Air Hogs Firewing Bird for $49.99
  • Official website:
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