Air Hogs Drop Strike Helicopter

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What is Air Hogs Drop Strike – A new age revolutionary RC fusion chopper and ground vehicle which fires projectiles and features ejectable wheelbase

Advance combat vehicle

Air Hogs Drop Strike promises to be one RC vehicle for kids that will change the norms and make its own special place in their hearts. The normal RC helicopters have been there since years and so have the RC ground vehicles like cars, tanks, etc. Air Hogs Drop Strike is said to be better since it takes the best of both remotely controlled vehicles and fuses it together in it a suave design. Air Hogs Drop Strike is apparently the advanced combat vehicle that can be controlled in the sky or in the land with ease.

Futuristic Design

The sleek menacing design of Air Hogs Drop Strike is said to be perfectly modeled to fly through any hostile area with ease and can be driven on land for those rugged, hard to reach terrains. It offers projectiles and consists of two adjustable missile bays that can be used to deploy deathly strikes on the enemy. The best part about Air Hogs Drop Strike is that it provides precision striking capacity in both air and ground attack. And for those who love a classic RC helicopter combat mode there is a all-new chasis release system which will let loose the wheel base and convert Air Hogs Drop Strike into a full blown attack helicopter.

Easy to control

Air Hogs Drop Strike is meant to be the smoothest of all RC vehicles available thanks to its Steady Fly technology, which provides ultra-stable flight and the intelligent propeller system for both air and ground propulsions. Also the remote control is said to be well versed in all the ground and hybrid modes along with missile launching capabilities to guide Air Hogs Drop Strike win the war. Air Hogs Drop Strike claims to be easy, charges right away from the controllers and safe for kids of 10-12 years of age.


What do I get? Get 1 Air Hogs Drop Strike for just $49.99 + S/h. Official website:


Air Hogs Drop Strike Video

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