Air Hogs Axis 400x

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What is Air Hogs Axis 400x:

It asserts that passionate pilots can give themselves greater flying challenges while taking their experience a notch higher.
Air Hogs Axis 400x maintains that it is just the right model for young pilots who have developed some flying skills but want an even better experience filled with new challenges. After all, that’s one of the fun elements of flying where you can challenge yourself to greater heights and enjoy gravity defying stunts. Air Hogs Axis 400x claims to have been created for the same purpose and offers heavy duty thrills for fliers.

Air Hogs Axis 400x to enhance the flying experience

If you have been flying helis for a while now then you might have mastered the basic skills required. You can get the seamless smooth experience that you expect while flying a high performance helicopter. But are you ready for new challenges that will test your mettle as a pilot? If the answer to that question is a resounding yes then Air Hogs Axis 400x promises to be the right option for you. For starters, it emphasizes on the fact that it is a high performance model and importantly it allows you to challenge yourself with the new experience of RC flight.
Air Hogs Axis 400x stresses that it is packed with features, which make it a state-of-the-art flying model, ideal for young pilots. It has four channels for extensive manoeuvrability, which adds to the fun while flying. The gyro technology that Air Hogs Axis 400x can boast off, assures pilots complete stability too. Moreover it asserts that pilots will be in complete control of the flights and ready to take on new challenges while flying.


Air Hogs Axis 400x for high quality and durability

Air Hogs Axis 400x claims to be a high performance helicopter from Air Hogs, a name that has become synonymous with quality as far as lean and mean flying machines are concerned. That quality is also observed in this helicopter that has been created with state of the art technology at the back of it. Air Hogs Axis 400x also stresses that it has a crash resistant body, which lets you take on the new challenges whenever you want without the fear of any crashes and falls. The crash resistant materials used in this helicopter will ensure that there are no damages for you to contend with.
Thus Air Hogs Axis 400x guarantees you that you can fly like a master while being sturdy enough to take a hit. It maintains that this helicopter can be the right gift for passionate fliers who are looking for new challenges and an exciting flying experience.


What Do I Get?

  • You get Air Hogs Axis 400x for $39.99
  • Official website:
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