3D Magna Color Review

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Crayons and marker pens are so passé. Kids today want something more – something more exciting and fun to keep their interest in the art. If you have checked out for all the art and painting classes and got all the various colors in the market for your kid and haven’t managed to keep his interest alive then Magna Color will keep your kids hooked on to them. Bet your kids are in for some of the most thrilling fun times with the incredible Magna Color, the amazing 3D Creation kit that’s not quite like anything they have played and colored with so far! Step into the Magna Color studio and explore a whole new world of 3D Creation kit


3D Magna Color
Magna Color dots are so easy to use. All you need to is press down the Magna Color pens and you will hear a click. You can place one Magna Color dot at a time and create a design or outline an existing one. You also have the choice of making a cascading line. Make the design as you fancy. And there is so much more you can do with Magna Color. You can embellish it even further and stack the smaller dots available on the bigger ones to add more dimension and make the design more gorgeous. That’s not where your creativity and thrill ends. Wear your ultra-vision glasses available in the kit to get the 3D sensation of the colorful design you just created. There are exciting themes like zooming rockets, flowers in bloom or even lovely fishes.

The fun for you doesn’t end when you have created a design and enjoyed seeing it in 3D. Push all the dots back into the Magna Color pens and you can start all over again on the fun and colorful creative journey. You get the Magna Color studio kit with five ultra colorful dot pens, six different and exciting themed stencils and as many as 100 Magna Color dots and your own 3D glasses. All this fun and excitement is available at a very reasonable price and what’s more, if you order now, your stencils and magna dots would be doubled. That is, you get 12 two-sided stencils and 200 Magna Color dots



What do I get?
Please see the Official website MagnaColorFun.com for more details



3D Magna Color Video


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