3D Magic Maker REVIEW

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What is 3D Magic Maker

It claims to an activity system for kids that let them create 3D creations easily and quickly. The gel can be used on stencils and molds with option to create custom shapes, and the gel can be solidified into bendable plastic.


How does 3D Magic Maker work?

3D Magic Maker declares to be a unique way to build your child’s imagination and convert it into a 3D form very easily. Such tall claims by 3D Magic Maker will only be verified by user reviews. 3D Magic Maker alleges to be much better than regular imagination building exercise and hobbies as kids can build a 3D model from it. Although at this point there are no 3D Magic Maker reviews to attest the claims.

3D Magic Maker is easy to use

3D Magic Maker guarantees that it is revolutionary and very easy to use due its LED technology. It may sound very fascinating but we cannot confirm 3D Magic Maker’s claims till we get to analyze user reviews. 3D Magic Maker claims to come with gels that can be used to trace over the stencil or fill a mold. Then the design has to be popped in the 3D Magic Maker to get a solidified version of it. These steps do sound very simple and easy for kids to follow but is it really this simple will be validated once it is reviewed. 3D Magic Maker proclaims to have a free play template that lets kids create their own creation, which provides an opportunity to make endless designs. Such a free play tool is quite fascinating; user reviews will expose the truth. 3D Magic Maker maintains to use LED light technology, which doesn’t require heating to develop the gel into a solid flexible plastic. Is 3D Magic Maker really worth buying? User reviews will soon ascertain.

Exciting 3D Magic Maker features

3D Magic Maker alleges to come with a system that does not require any heating or sticking using glue to make a mess-free creation. Currently there are no 3D Magic Maker reviews to substantiate these claims. 3D Magic Maker states to come with gels of three colors – orange, green and red colors along with a glow-in-the dark gel. There are three stencils of bridge, fighter jet, and car with three molds of fish, sea turtle and dog available with 3D Magic Maker. The range of items available along with 3D Magic Maker is pretty impressive; but we will need user reviews to strengthen its claim. 3D Magic Maker emphasizes to provide a solid output that is flexible, bendable, and can be combined with more pieces to create numerous designs. More shall be revealed once we receive user reviews. It convinces to be perfect for kids to build their imagination and even works by stenciling over images from any other book. Is 3D Magic Maker really this great? Send us your reviews.

What do I get?

  • 1 3D Magic Maker Main Unit
  • Three 3D Gels (Orange, Red and Green)
  • 3D Moulds (Fish, Sea Turtle and Dog)
  • Three Stencils (Bridge, Fighter Jet and Car)
  • Two Blank Stencils
  • Fun Guide and Instruction Sheet
  • 3D Character Designs (Butterfly, Castle and House)
  • Glow in the dark gel

Price: $39.99 + $9.99 S/h | Official website: Buy3DMagic.com

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