Xtra Socket

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What is Xtra Socket:

It is a socket that claims to convert any wall outlet in the house into a surge protected power station.
Xtra Socket promises to be a handy solution for everyone in the house who likes to charge their devices but can’t find enough wall outlets for them. You also want to make sure your expensive devices are kept well protected when they are being charged and don’t get ruined because of a surge of high voltage. Xtra Socket maintains that it can be an answer to these problems, offering you a simple solution.

Xtra Socket protects your precious devices

You understand that lightning storms can short out your devices, which is something you want to try and avoid. Now you can do that with the help of Xtra Socket, which has X3 MOV thermal fuse technology. It is capable of stopping high voltage with a surge protecting road block. Thus all your expensive devices will be protected while they are being charged, according to its claims. Xtra Socket has a green LED indicator light, which lets you know that your devices are being protected.


Xtra Socket is a complete power station for you

How often have you tried to charge your various devices at a time but realized that the wall outlet was busy charging something else? Xtra Socket gives you extra options of charging your devices because you can power up to 3 devices in one ordinary wall outlet. Thus, not only does Xtra Socket protect your home, appliances and important data, it gives you extra charging options as well. It also stresses on the fact that you are saved huge amounts of money on expensive adaptors.

Xtra Socket is a versatile solution for your needs

Xtra Socket can be installed easily and without any professional help. You can use it in practically any room in the house and it can be the ideal protecting solution for just about any device. From kitchen to garage and your office, you can use it anywhere and with your computers, laptops, mobile devices, TV and other appliances in the house. Xtra Socket includes 2 USB ports if that’s what you are going to use to charge your devices, thus giving you an additional option. It also claims to be a long lasting solution for your homes and 60 day money back guarantee speaks volumes about its quality.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive 2 Xtra Socket for $14.95 +$13.98 P&H.
  • Official website: xtrasocket.com
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