Wonder Step Mat Review

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Do your kids and pets always bring dirt into your home? Here’s introducing the Wonder Step mat, the incredible new mat that traps the dirt so your home stays clean.


Wonder Step Mat
Dirt, mud, sand, snow and water get trapped in your shoes and enter your house but with the Wonder Step mat your house will always stay sparkling clean as it effectively traps 95% of the dirt.

If you have kids and pets in your house then the Wonder Step is a must have product to have in your home. All you have to do is simply wipe your feet on the mat and your floor will always stay clean.

Wonder Step is made with the two tier super absorbent technology, a combination of cotton and microfiber that works simultaneously. The microfibers trap the dirt and the cotton absorbs the moisture.

It also features non-slip latex backing to make the mat super absorbent leaving your floors cleaner than ever before.

Unlike regular mats that don’t trap dirt and mud effectively and makes your floor messy the Wonder Step always keeps your home clean.

The Wonder Step mat can be used just about anywhere. You can use it for the front door, the back door, indoors or outdoors, and laundry or kitchen.

It is even machine washable and long-lasting.



What do I get?
Official website www.ThaneDirect.co.uk



Wonder Step Mat Video


6 thoughts on “Wonder Step Mat Review

  1. Purchased 3 mats at ch home show around 16 Oct. Was promised they would be delivered at our house within 4 days and we have not got our mats yet Can someone please contact me?

  2. I purchased three ‘wonder mats’ for use in my RV. It took forever to receive these mats. When I did finally receive them I followed the instructions and washed the mats without detergent. I placed the mats in the RV and now spend a lot of time everyday picking up pieces of the carpet. It seems to be losing more of the pile than is should. I am very disappointed that this is happening as I had hoped these mats were going to help cut down on some of my cleaning. I can’t even say at this point if the carpet is even ‘capturing’ any dirt that we may be tracking in as I am always cleaning up the pile.

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