Wipe New Home & Outdoor

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What is Wipe New Home & Around

Wipe New Home & Outdoor are pre-soaked cloths that protect and restore to give a new shine to fittings and furnishings
Wipe New Home & Outdoor claims to be the most effective solution to wipe your expensive metal fixtures at home that look jaded or a grill that is new but looks faded. Almost everything from lawn furniture, shutters, windows, railings and grills – end up looking weathered and no matter how much you try to restore them they don’t get the new sheen. This is where Wipe New Home & Outdoor is supposed to help as it lets you save money on replacement.

Easy to use, effective and long lasting

It is said that Wipe New Home & Outdoor is very easy to use. All one needs to do is open the packet and take the ready to use pre-soaked cloth out and apply to the faded target surface and it will be restored instantly. The Wipe New Home & Outdoor is also supposed to give restored shine that will last for very long because of the patented nano-polymer formula of the Wipe New Home & Outdoor that penetrates deep into the surface of the target area and protects and restores for years.


Wipes away years of sun fading

Wipe New Home & Outdoor is supposedly so potent that it restores sun fading that’s been around for years, apparently even as old as 43 years old that have endured hurricanes and harsh sun and restore the shine to make it look brand new. It is also supposed to give a protective barrier against corrosion and fading and even if the stuff lies in the sun for eight months it believably does not fade.

Works on every kind of surface

Wipe New Home & Outdoor believably works on everything like shutters and sidings, lawn windrow trim, metal railing, lawn and patio accessories, electrical fixtures, mailboxes and grills. It apparently work on every kind of surface like plastic, stone, vinyl, marble, metal, fibreglass and other surfaces.


What do I get?
You get Two sets of Wipe New Home & Outdoor Kit including 3 Wipe-Its infused with Wipe New, Nitrile gloves and detailing swab for only $12.99 plus $7.98 S&H,
Official website wipenewhome.com/



Wipe New Home & Outdoor Video

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