Vigilamp Review

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What is Vigilamp

It is a lamp that uses motion sensor technology to ensure that you have enough light whenever and wherever you need it the most.

Vigilamp maintains that now you can illuminate the dark and dimly lit spots around your house with ease so that there are no hiccups involved. You often wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom but end up stumbling in the dark. You just don’t want that happening when you have kids and elders at home. Vigilamp assures you that now you will have enough light wherever you want for your convenience.

How does Vigilamp work?

Vigilamp’s Motion Sensor Technology
In fact, this technology is right at the heart of the Vigilamp and makes sure the light comes on when you need it at any time. It’s because of this technology that the light can detect pets, vehicles and people as well and will be switched on automatically. Thus you know that you can use your Vigilamp in your homes where there are dimly lit corners or spaces where you need some light. At the same time you can install this light in your driveways, garages and other outdoor spaces too.


Vigilamp offers you complete convenience
For starters, Vigilamp claims that there are 8 LED lights that are used here and it assures you adequate light for your needs. Moreover, this light swivels 360 degrees to give you all round vision in the dark. You have the option of using this light as a torch or in your cabinets and closets too, according to its claims. Vigilamp has three simple positions; on, off and auto for convenience while using it on a daily basis. It is also cordless to avoid any tripping over wires at nights.

Vigilamp Features
Vigilamp is very easy to install and you can just stick it up in the place where you want to have additional light. You can do the job yourself without the need for any tools that can become the bane of your existence. You can also move the light around to different places based on your requirements. Vigilamp stresses on the fact that it is weather resistant and thus can be used outdoors without any problem. You can place it just about anywhere you want and be rest assured that it will offer you adequate light for long.

What do I get?
Get 1 Vigilamp for just £19.99 at


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