Uplifting Seat Review

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It is a difficult task for elders to get up and sit down in chairs since the strength in their bodies lessens with the aging process. Plus there can never be someone every time they would need your assist for such a purpose. Also people suffering from issues like lower back pain and other health conditions find it hard to ease in or ease out of a seating position. These issues are generally ignored due to no solution for such a requirement or the need of constant assistance for the same. But now there is Uplifting Seat, the new age design which helps getting in and out of chair and sofa as strain free as possible without depending on anyone.


Uplifting Seat
Uplifting Seat is a cushion designed to take pressure off while using chair and sofa to keep people active and independent. The extra comfortable material and design provides the right amount of support to relieve stress and strain on joints which take place during getting out of a seating position. Generally the lower back is affected most and thus is the perfect companion for people who suffer from it. Uplifting Seat actually consists of lifting pistons that activate automatically when the weight starts shifting from the chair and provides a stable lift for a strain free experience. This mechanism makes it totally self-powered and requires no sort of batteries or electricity for proper functioning.

Uplifting Seat is completely portable and folds flat which mean it can be simply taken along during journey or vacations to keep the pain and pressure off the body. The cushion is made of high-density, slow release memory foam for longer hours of usage and is tested to provide about 80% assistance in raising a user’s body. Its framework is quite sturdy and is capable in supporting quite heavier body weights too. Its dimension that spans from 20-1/4” x 17-1/4” x 3-3/4” is perfect for any chair and sofa. Uplifting Seat is a sure shot boon for those who have limited mobility on account of age, arthritis, Parkinson’s, Muscular Dystrophy, Degenerative joint diseases or post-operative conditions.



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