Touch of Eco Twinspot

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What is Touch of Eco Twinspot?

It is an economical solar-powered dusk to dawn illuminating system. It claims to provide an ultra bright multi-use solar product built with motion sensor technology.

Quick, easy and reliable

Touch of Eco Twinspot is the new solar-powered illuminating system that claims to make things easy for you. It begins by stating that it is easy to install as it involves no wires or switches and you also do not need to repeatedly change the light bulbs. All you are instructed to do is find a flat surface where you get sufficient sunlight, hang it up, angle the adjustable mounting brackets and arms to get it started. The makers of Touch of Eco Twinspot state that it is always ready to power up. It gets charged throughout the day and lights up when it detects movement once the sun sets. That way you save on electricity and also do cut down on your carbon footprint.


No more changing light bulbs

Touch of Eco Twinspot boasts of being perfectly conducive for ensuring extra brightness. It is provided with 14 bright LED lights which illuminates the darkness spontaneously so you do not have to change bulbs. It states that it has a shelf life of 5 years so you don’t have to bother all the while with changing bulbs.

Sleek Features

The designers of Touch of Eco Twinspot assert that it can be used for security purposes as well as a decorative light for your porch. Its body is flexible and can blend into any environment and also match it in color. That makes it ideal for lighting driveways, doorways, walkways, stairs, garages, playgrounds, boats, yachtswarehouses, vacation homes, rental properties and more.

Peace of Mind

If there is any movement around Touch of Eco TWINSPOT it lights up and catches the person off guard and alerts you of movement when there should be none. It also saves electricity while providing an illuminating, sleek, motion sensor solar light that you do not need to change often. It promises endless adjustability, unlimited angle options and ease of installing it on your own.

What do I get?

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