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What is it?

The Touch of ECO’s SUNSTEP solar lights is a weatherproof stainless steel rechargeable solar step light with ultra bright surface mount LEDs and a high performance solar panel.

Automatic light sensor

The Touch of ECO’s SUNSTEP is designed with a built in light sensor that automatically displays light at night so the frosted front plate evenly disperses in the dark.

You will never have to be concerned about tripping over wires, cords, or replacing dead batteries again.


Weather Resistant Solid Stainless Steel
Made of weather resistant solid stainless steel, the Touch of ECO’s SUNSTEP is durable and can withstand years of rain, snow, ice and wind.


Sizes Available
Touch of ECO’s SUNSTEP is available in three sizes: small, medium and large. You can use it to fit your deck, stairs, pathways, porch and so much more.


How to Use?
Touch of ECO’s SUNSTEP should be mounted horizontally on any flat surface using the installation accessories that come with the set. This powerful solar light is guaranteed to give you over 8 hours of light every night!


What do I get?
Order your Touch of ECO’s SUNSTEP today!
Buy Touch of ECO 2 Pack SUNSTEP Starting From $29.99


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