Touch Of Eco Solar Light REVIEW

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What is Touch Of Eco Solar Light

It’s a multi use solar product that attaches to different places giving you much needed light wherever you want. Touch Of Eco Solar Light claims to have many benefits for you because it is not only meant to be a powerful source of light for you but one that can give you complete flexibility as well. It can be attached to gutters, fences, signs, boats and many other places giving you a versatile source of light. That’s how Touch Of Eco Solar Light promises to be a complete solution for your light needs.


Touch Of Eco Solar Light CLAIMS

Touch Of Eco Solar Light is a powerful source of light – Touch Of Eco Solar Light is a super bright solar light that is run off a solar panel that can be found at the top of the unit. Two rechargeable batteries are powered by this panel, and they in turn charge the lights. Thus you get a bright source of light in dark spaces at home or outdoors as well. Touch Of Eco Solar Light is meant to be eco friendly not only because it uses solar energy but the battery is supposed to last for 5 years too.

Touch Of Eco Solar Light offers you complete flexibility – From gutters to fences, doorways, boats, vacation homes and practically any flat surface, Touch Of Eco Solar Light will offer you light wherever you want. These lights are lightweight and compact, thus you can move them around and reposition them wherever needed. The detachable solar light head is a major highlight of Touch Of Eco Solar Light. It ensures that the light can be attached or detached to the mounting bar, which lets you use it as a flashlight in the need of emergencies.

Touch Of Eco Solar Light claims to have been redesigned for extra brightness, but it can be stowed away in the backpack. Hence you can take it with you when you go camping and use it as a flashlight as well. It also means extra perimeter lighting around low lit areas.

Touch of Eco Solar Light REVIEW

Sarah Ward in her review states – “Even after full day sun charging, Touch of Eco Solar Light is as bright as the solar in ground path lights. You would need several 4-8 to light a path way. Touch of Eco Solar Light did not mount straight due to thin edge of rain gutter with thumb screw. Using a small piece of old mouse pad folded over edge gave some stability to the Touch of Eco Solar Light to keep it at level.”

Betsy Holmes mentions in her review – “Touch of Eco Solar Light is not that bright, a match gives more light than the Touch of Eco Solar Light.”

Morris Smith says in his review – “Touch of Eco Solar Light did not work out of the box, all the lights were in direct sun charging prior to installing , all received the same amount of sun but only 1 lasted through the night, the others lasted several hours only. It does not work as expected.”

Herbert Carner points out the DISADVANTAGES of the Touch of Eco Solar Light – “The brightness of thee Touch of Eco Solar Light bulbs is not good, more of an accent light than anything and that’s what they should be sold as, the feel is a little cheap but they would be able to withstand most weather conditions.”

Meg Cassady summarizes the ADVANTAGES of the Touch of Eco Solar Light- “How compact they are makes it simple and easy to mount anywhere, simple installation that doesn’t require more than a screwdriver, the cool light it gives off is nice and not dainty looking like the yellow lights, motion sensing isn’t delayed and works promptly.”

Walter Mallon mentions in his review – “Touch of Eco Solar Light is not that bright and does not last all night.”

Solar Gutter Light Questions and Answers

Q. Does the Solar Gutter Light give off a soft light or is it a bright neon LED light?
A. The Solar Gutter Light appears to give off a bright neon light.

Q. What is the battery type of the Solar Gutter Light?
A. The Solar Gutter Light uses AA rechargeable battery (by the sun).

Q. Will the mounting section of the bracket fit over the 2 inch section of a 2×4 deck rail? The listed pictures/dimensions are not definitive.
A. The mounting section of the bracket will not fit over the deck rail flush. But you can take a thin piece of sheet metal, the same size as the bracket (or flatten out the bracket) to make it work.

Q. How Can I Mount the Solar Gutter Light?
A. Each Solar Gutter Light comes with a mounting bracket that is designed to hook onto any standard gutter. Simply slip the bracket over the gutter and tighten onto the gutter using the thumb screw (included). You can also mount the Solar Gutter Lights onto any flat surface using the included wood screws. The Solar Gutter Light is perfect for fences, doorways, signs and wall. Bring light to any area in just seconds!


What Do I Get?
You will receive Two Touch Of Eco Solar Light for $64.99+P&H | Official website:

35 thoughts on “Touch Of Eco Solar Light REVIEW

  1. Do not buy. I bought three strings of solar lights. After six weeks one string failed to work. I called customer service six times and I never got through. I wrote two emails and never heard back from them.

  2. Do not buy products from Touch of Eco. I bought a package of two solar lights and one of them did not work. I contacted the company twice to try to get a replacement – no reply. They are often on Living Social, but there is no direct way to complain about them on Living Social. Avoid this company and go with a reputable provider of solar lighting.

  3. Piece of junk!!! Do not buy! I am fighting with them right now. Waste of time!! They don’t care while they keep my $60.

  4. I bought a package of two Touch of Eco Halolites from Living social back in July 2015 to hang on the gutter over our front door. After a couple of months one was noticeably dimmer that the other. Neither of them were very bright to begin with. When I finally got a chance to take them down and check them, I noticed that the solar panel was warped and coming off of one light. I decided to open them up and check the batteries. That’s when I noticed that they were not even made the same inside. Odd since they come two in a package. I suspect that Touch of Eco is these were either re-worked or just poorly made units that Touch of Eco was trying to unload on Living Social. I also noticed that the batteries were not lithium-ion as stated on the back of the box. I later realized that there is conflicting battery descriptions on the box with the batteries described as NI-MH on the side of the box. I decided to call Touch of Eco to complain. After waiting 15 minutes as I was the 6th caller on hold, I was told that the warranty was only for 60 days and they would not help me. This indicates the confidence that they have in their products. I decided to repair them myself. One switch was not working, but I was able to move the wire to the third terminal of the switch to fix that one. I also re-attached the solar panel with some silicone adhesive but I doubt that it will hold since there is so much tension on the warped backing material of the solar panel. They are cheaply made over-priced junk. Save your money.

    • I had same thing happen to me as you Jerry, light stopped working and company told me to replace the battery, but when you go to replace the battery you cant find one.


  5. I bought 200 sring solar Christmas lights thru groupon. I followed directions and my outdoor fountains shines brightly every night for about 6hours depending on how much sun the panel gets during the day, I live in sunny Arizona so get lots a sunshine. Love it.


  6. Just reiterating what everyone on here is saying, bought a few things from touch of eco and most didn’t last the summer. These aren’t so cheap that you expect them to not even last a season, look elsewhere and pay a bit more for something that will last. It’s also deceiving how the prices without group on or a similar websites coupon are $100 something bucks, if I paid regular price for these and they stopped working after a few weeks I would be furious, at this point with the coupons it’s a lesson learned.

  7. I bought 2 of the TouchSpot Pro lights and one of them stopped working after 2 weeks. They sent me a replacement for that one. Then I bought the 200 strand of little lights, Those stopped working after about 2 weeks, too. I contacted them after their “60 day warranty” and they refused to do anything more about either product. The one original TouchSpot still works, that’s it. They definitely have quality control problems with their products and they don’t hold up well to weather. (We get a lot of rain here in Florida in the summer!). So, a deal killer for a solar light that needs to be outdoors.

  8. Ok, so I just ordered 2 sets of these on Living Social and then I read the reviews. You all convinced me that I made a terrible mistake. FYI, I immediately called Living Social and asked to cancel my order. Customer Service cheerfully did and refunded my credit card. You are NOT stuck with this junk. Call Living Social and get your money back! She told me she has not had any complaints about this product and they have sold over 3,000 units. So maybe you all need to get your money back and go on record!

  9. I purchased the solar light set. One worked, the other didn’t. I called, got a replacement, it doesn’t work. Going to ask for a refund.

  10. TERRIBLE. Bought them on living social – my first time buying there. Overpriced, not bright, blue-white LEDs and not the warm tone that the picture described. Do not buy. I feel stupid for falling for it.

  11. I bought two of them about a month ago and only one is still working the other one went out two weeks after use the other one is still working. I guess I’m out of luck in getting them replaced. DON’T BUY THEM AND WASTE YOUR MONEY

  12. Do not buy – quit working after 2 weeks – no warranty.
    and they give off very dim light.

  13. ******DO NOT BUY*****

    I purchased the solar light string of 200 through a Living Social deal. Had the lights for months before stringing them in Feb. fast forward 3 months later and the majority of the lights don’t work. I re-positioned the charger to no avail.

    I called customer service today and was told it was past 30 days and there is nothing there could do!! I looked on there website and NOWHERE does it state 30 days, THIS IS WHAT IT SAID:

    “Do you accept returns?”

    “Yes, we accept returns on all damaged or defected goods. If you received a damaged item or are unhappy with your product, please call toll free: 1-800-914-3467”

    I informed them that I will do my best to WARN PEOPLE TO “NOT” BUY THEIR DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS!!

    Kudos to Living Social, as they did refund my purchase price after informing them of the poor service and product of “TOUCH OF CHEAPO” String of 200 Solar-Powered LiteUp LED Lights!!!

  14. I am reading this now! These lights are junk. I ordered them through groupon. Two sets. One still works… barely. The other one died after a couple of weeks. Totally useless and waste of money. I will groupon to ask for a refund.

  15. This company had me on hold for Hour!!! I waited for these lights and waited And waited!!! Now I read that they are crap! Don’t buy!!

  16. I bought a set of these lights on Living Social. I was so excited to get them and put them on my shrubs out in my back yard. They looked beautiful….for about a week. Then they stopped working!! Don’t throw your money away. Buy from someone else. I’m tired of looking at deals from Living Social only to look at the reviews and find only 2 Stars. Living Social: You need to check out your companies better!!!

  17. Not worth the money; I purchased 2 sets of lights neither lasted a few months. Their warranty is only 30 days I guess the lights are only supposed to work that long.

    • products appear good but work only few weeks to 3=4 months…suspect company is used to complaints…interest of service dept. is low!

  18. Waste of money. Didn’t light up as bright as I would have liked and mine died after only 6 months of use and there is only a 30 day warranty, so the company wouldn’t do anything to fix this. Will never buy another.

  19. Don’t waste your money!!! Bought 2 strings of solar lights… broke and they replaced it….the 2nd broke and the one they replaced is on its way out. Cheap Chinese junk that rusts and dies pretty fast. Cannot be repaired. Too bad. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME that I cannot get back!!!!

  20. Wish I had seen these reviews before I purchased the solar lights via living social.

    I bought 5 lights.
    All worked great…for awhile.
    Now, 4 months later, two are still working, 2 strings broke in half and one doesn’t work anymore.

    Great idea, looked good, but in the end, it was a waste of money. I will look elsewhere for new solar lights…

  21. DON’T waste your money!!!
    Cheap Chinese junk!
    I let them charge for days, turned them on, and only 1 out of 4 actually stayed lit for longer than 1 hour once it became dark. Bogus crap!
    & between Living Social & this company’s policies, not worth the trouble or money to return.

  22. I purchased a voucher for the eco lights on living social – I haven’t received them yet – however, the reviews noted are not very favorable – I do have a complain with the ordering – I’m being automatically charged $1 for each order in addition to the shipping charge – don’t quite understand

  23. I agree with what was said above. I am very unhappy with the product. These lights look like a joke comparing with neighbor lights. The lights is very dim.
    I didn’t have a problem to contact to customer servise, but I have to pay for shipping twice for product that I absolutely don’t like.

  24. I purchased the solar light string of 200 through a Living Social deal. Upon stringing the lights, they stayed lit the first time for about 3 hours. The second time, an hour. The third time only part of the string was lit, and very lightly. The lights blinked and failed. I contacted customer service who stated to turn them off and charge them for 24 hours and if that didn’t work, to call back for a refund or replacement. We did this for 3 days each time, the lights not staying on for even an hour, and the entire string not staying lit. I called Monday, was on hold for over 15 minutes and no one picked up. Tuesday, same thing, Wednesday, at 13 minutes 44 seconds of waiting I gave up, and emailed them stating my frustration with getting ahold of anyone and attached my receipt, proof of payment, and request for refund. They did not respond. I followed up again, and they responded to return the lights in original packaging, shipped on my dime, to their POBOX, and upon receipt they would refund. The cost to ship the item back would be 60% of what I paid. In addition to their failing product, so does their customer service. Because I took economics, I saved myself the time, the shipping costs, and the trouble to send them back and decided to share my experience instead. I will never order from this company again. Not only does their product fail, so does their response, follow up, and customer service.

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